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About Nutricare

Nutricare being gained the title of Vietnam Value National Brand in Medical Nutrition was established by nutrition professionals who were trained in the US, Australia and Vietnam.


Medical Nutrition Ecosystems

Nutricare is providing comprehensive nutritional care for the whole life cycle of a person, from pregnancy, young children, adults, elders, and especially medical nutrition.


Quality Standards

Nutricare owns a system of 3 large manufacturing factories by applying quality management systems compliant with international standards, namely ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, GMP, and ISO14001.


Distribution System

Currently, Nutricare has had a wide distribution system in 63 provinces and cities nationwide, in retail stores, supermarkets, hospitals and schools.


Nutrition Science

Nutricare provides nutritional approaches based on scientific evidences from international studies and researches in Vietnam to deliver a comprehensive care for the health of people, families and community.

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Sustainable Development

Nutricare commits to bringing long-term values and sustainable development to the community through health care activities, charitable activities, and environmental protection.

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Nutrition Professionals

Nutricare’s nutrition professionals trained in the US, Australia and Vietnam have have many years of research at the National Institute of Nutrition and pharmaceutical corporations.

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Career Opportunities

Creating a professional work environment and opportunities for employee to work with experts, Nutricare commits diversified opportunities that helps to unlock your potential ability and creativity.

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Lifecycle Nutrition

Pregnant and lactating women, infants, children, adolescents, and older adults need proper and adequate nutritional care.

  • For Infants & Children

  • For Mothers

  • For Older Adults

  • Medical Nutrition

Nutricare understands that early childhood is a crucial time for the physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional development of children. Comprehensive nutrition is the best preparation for child development.

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During pregnancy, mothers need nutrients for both them and the babies development. Let’s Nutricare help you discover essential nutritional knowledge for you and your babies.

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Age-specific barriers and chronic diseases prevents people from enjoying the life. A nutritious diet full of essential nutrients is the key to human health and happiness.

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Medical nutrition plays a key role in in disease prevention and treatment. Therefore, Nutricare has developed optimal nutritional products with the best nutritional formulas that meet the unique nutritional needs for disease conditions.

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