New Hanie Kid – Medical Nutrition – Weight gain after 1 month

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The Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA has successfully researched and developed Hanie Kid – a medical nutritional food specially prepared for anorexic and stunted children. 

The new Hanie Kid is a breakthrough solution that helps children gain weight after 1 month, the results have been clinically proven:

✅ 100KCAL HIGH ENERGY Pedia formula as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for outstanding weight gain for kids.

✅ Supplementing 24-hour colostrum rich in IgG antibodies helps improve digestive system health and strengthen natural resistance of your kids

✅ High content of Calcium, K2, D3 from the US support height increase and comprehensive development of the kid. 

Hanie Kid now available in both powdered milk and ready-to-drink powdered milk rich in nutrition with delicious taste and easy-to-drink flavor, making it the perfect companion for mothers and kids.

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Hanie Kid – Medical nutrition – Weight gain after 1 month

The product is researched and developed by the US Nutricare Institute of Medical Nutrition

🔹Hotline: 1800 – 6011

🔹Website NMNI-USA:

     Website Nutricare:

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