5 effective solutions to enhance your child’s resistance

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Strengthening resistance for children is extremely important to maintain a healthy condition and limit the risk of infections. Besides feeding the children with adequate nutrients, it is also important to create good living habits for them, let’s refer to our advice below to help children increase resistance.

1. Healthy living habits

  • For young children, mothers should give them massage regularly. Massage will improve blood circulation, improve immunity, help children absorb well, cry less and sleep better.
  • Give your child enough water to drink. For children under 6 months old, exclusively breastfed, or supplemented with formula if the mother lacks milk, drinking enough water helps the baby clean the intestines and digest better. 
  • Let children in regular contact with their surroundings. Children have better natural resistance because their body is accustomed to external harmful factors if any.
  • Keeping personal hygiene.: This helps children avoid bacteria from entering the baby’s body. Please practice your baby the habit of clean bathing, washing hands before eating, and after using the toilet…
  • Go to bed early and wake up on time to exercise
  • Limit using antibiotics: The body’s immune system is familiar with some bacteria to help the child not get sick. Using too many antibiotics will make the child’s body dependent on the medicine. This will make the child’s body unable to fight off the bacteria of the surrounding environment.

Enhance the baby resistance

2. Be informed about diseases

One of the ways to help your baby increase resistance is to know the information about diseases. Diseases often break out seasonally. Therefore, you need to monitor and understand the epidemic situation. At the same time, it is also necessary to have complete information about the disease as well as how to recognize and treat the disease. Some of the following seasonal outbreaks:

  • Summer: Acute diarrhea, respiratory tract infections, hand, foot and mouth, red eyes… etc.
  • Autumn: Flu, typhus, acute diarrhea, etc…
  • Winter-spring: Measles, chickenpox, flu, etc...

3. Foods that enhance the resistance

  • Walnuts: Contains omega-3 to help the body fight illness, reduce some respiratory infections in children.
  • Vegetables and fruits: You should choose fruits with colors similar to the rainbow colors: green, red, yellow … because they contain many vitamins, enhance the resistance against oxidative radicals, prevent colds and flu.
  • Lean meat: Helps the child’s body strengthen the immune system, in lean meat, there is a protein that helps maintain health and a type of zinc that helps white blood cells fight infections.

Foods that enhance the resistance

4. Prevention is Better than Cure

It is necessary to know the children’s vaccination schedule and have them fully vaccinated with all kinds of dangerous diseases such as encephalitis, viral hepatitis, leukemia, tetanus, pertussis, … During a serious epidemic, children should not be taken to a public place with too many people or contact with vectors.

5. Supplement with ColosCare – strengthen the child’s resistance

Supplementing a high content of colostrum, rich in IgG antibodies 1200+ mg / 100g powder (highest rated on the market). Along with nutrients proven to enhance resistance and prevent infections such as Lactoferrin, BetaGlucan, and especially containing HMO 2’FL.

ColosCare, an immune-boosting colostrum source, is a safe, natural, and effective nutritional solution that mothers choose to supplement for their babies.


5/5 - (1 vote)

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