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Rate this post – ColosCare 24h is a new nutritional product specifically for children with weak resistance, poor digestion and slow weight gain. This is one of the first products researched and developed by the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA) after the signing ceremony of cooperation with Nutricare in July 2023.

In October 2023, in Ninh Binh, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, a series of new product launch events ColosCare 24h was held and attracted the participation of several leading experts in the fields of medicine and nutrition, including Dr. David Clark – Director of the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA) and more than 1,500 customers nationwide.

ColosCare 24h new product launch event organized by Nutricare and Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA

The newly launched ColosCare 24h is an activity within the cooperation agreement between Nutricare and NMNI-USA, with the goal and mission of creating nutritional solutions of outstanding quality, especially according to US standards and suitable with the health of Vietnamese people for health care and improvement of millions of Vietnamese children and families.

Goal and mission to care for the immune system and development of children  

According to research, baby’s body is not able to produce antibodies on its own, but instead, baby will receive passive IgG antibodies from the fetus or through breast milk at birth. So babies who are fully breastfed at birth will be well protected.

However, in some cases where mothers lose milk or breast milk is not enough, causing children to not receive enough of this passive source of antibodies. In particular, from 6 months onwards, IgG antibodies from breast milk begin to gradually decrease, so the period from 6 months to 3-4 years old is called the “immune gap” period. The immature “passive” immune system and the impact of various changes in the living environment make children susceptible to infections such as gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory diseases, minor illnesses… and are susceptible to allergies to dust, environmental pollution. This long-term condition makes children tired, anorexic and leaves them poor absorption. Hence, they will show signs of rickets, malnutrition and slower development compared to their peers.

Therefore, Nutricare and NMNI-USA pay special attention to taking care of children’s immature immune systems. Nutrition experts understand that strengthening children’s resistance is not only necessary but also a solid stepping stone for their future development. A number of studies around the world have also shown that supplementing IgG antibodies from colostrum has the effect of preventing gastrointestinal and respiratory infections in children, reducing the number of minor illnesses.

24-hour colostrum with high levels of IgG antibodies helps strengthen children’s resistance  

“The Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA has carefully selected 24-hour colostrum with the maximum IgG antibody content of 1,200 mg. This type of antibody has the ability to support strong immune activity in the body, recognizing viruses and disease-causing bacteria for immune cells to identify and destroy. Together with Lactoferrin, we help protect the body from disease-causing microorganisms”, Dr. David Clark shares the series of product launch events.

Dr. David Clark shared at a series of product launch events

With the goal of taking care of the immune system and understanding the nutritional needs of Vietnamese children, Nutricare and Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA have successfully developed ColosCare 24h with an exceedingly high 1200 mg IgG antibody content from 24-hour colostrum imported from the US.

New ColosCare 24h with a specialized nutritional formula to support baby resistance and weight gaining

The new ColosCare 24h helps strengthen children’s resistance thanks to the addition of 24h colostrum imported from the US with an exceptionally high IgG antibody content of 1200 mg. The product helps reduce infections thanks to HMO, which limits the penetration of disease-causing bacteria and viruses and supports the digestive system with 10 billion beneficial bacteria and fiber (FOS/ Inullin) to allow prevention of constipation and diarrhea.

ColosCare 24h provides easy-to-absorb protein and 56 essential nutrients. In particular, the trio of Calcium and Vitamin D3 helps children gain weight and develop height effectively.

The new ColosCare 24h has a specialized nutritional formula to support baby resistance and weight gaining 

Besides powdered milk, ColosCare 24h is also available with convenient pre-mixed powdered milk, 110ml and 180ml quantities with a nutritional formula equivalent to powdered milk, convenient for mothers and babies. Combined with delicious flavor, light taste, easy to drink, the ColosCare 24h duo is a comprehensive nutritional solution, ready to accompany your baby in supplementing nutrients in all activities, as well as support his/her resistance and effective weight gaining.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Minh – General Director of Nutricare spoke at the event  

Mr. Nguyen Duc Minh – General Director of Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company also shared at the conference: “By cooperating with the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA, the National Brand of Nutricare Medical Nutrition once again affirms the desire and commitment to bring nutritional solutions of outstanding quality, especially American standards, for health care and improvement of millions of Vietnamese families”.

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