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Orange flavor 900g
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900g, 400g

– SUPPORTS Skeletal System Development: Breakthrough with set of 3: Natural calcium from algae, Vitamin K2, Olive helps to enhance absorption, maximum calcium attachment to bones, reduce excess, deposition, avoid constipation. Rich in Vitamin D3, the Ca/P ratio is consistent with the recommendations of the National Institute of Nutrition. Ensure the increased demand for the mother, reduce the risk of back pain, cramps. At the same time, it helps to develop strong bones of the baby, avoid rickets later.

– SUPPORTS INCREASE RESISTANCE, GOOD absorption: Unique with a low-sweet, low-sugar formula, using the advanced sugar system of Isomalt, Maltitol, Palatinose, proven by European EFSA to have a low glycemic index, helps reduce the risk of gestational diabetes. Full of essential nutrients with Iron, Zinc, Antioxidant SAT System (Vitamin E, C, Selenium) to help improve resistance. Magnesium, Vitamin B6 help reduce stress & reduce the signs of morning sickness.

– SUPPORT BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: Providing Folic Acid meets 100% of the recommendations of the Ministry of Health to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects, support the functional development of the nervous system and cognition of the fetus.

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During pregnancy and lactation, mothers need extra energy and nutrients. A reasonable diet helps maintain the health of the mother, helps the fetus to be healthy and develop well. It also helps mothers increase milk quality and produce more milk after childbirth. MetaMom with a superior formula, especially breakthrough with Total GROW system, helps the mother to be healthy and the fetus to develop well. The formula is less sweet, slimming, easy to absorb, relieves constipation, delicious taste trusted by mothers. 400g: 24 cans/carton 900g: 12 cans/carton

Thành phần/Components Đơn vị/Unit Trong 100 g/ Per 100 g Trong 1 ly (200 ml)/Per serving
Năng lượng/Energy kcal 501 200
Đạm/Protein g 17.5 7.00
Chất béo/Fat g 27.5 11.0
DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) mg 45.0 18.0
Carbohydrate tổng/Total Carbohydrate g 48.1 19.2
Chất xơ hòa tan (FOS/Inulin)

Prebiotics (FOS/Inulin)

g 3.54 1.42
HMO (2′-FL) mg 25.0 10.0
Sữa non/Colostrum mg 100 40.0
IgG mg 20.0 8.00
Lysin/Lysine mg 951 380
Vitamin A IU 1572 629
Vitamin D3 IU 246 98.4
Vitamin E IU 8.15 3.26
Vitamin K1 µg 17.9 7.16
Vitamin K2 µg 11.2 4.48
Vitamin C mg 66.7 26.7
Vitamin B1 µg 459 184
Vitamin B2 µg 1051 420
Niacin µg 8331 3332
Axit pantothenic/Pantothenic acid µg 2177 871
Vitamin B6 µg 702 281
Axit folic/Folic acid µg 121 48.7
Vitamin B12 µg 1.45 0.58
Biotin µg 6.93 2.77
Natri/Sodium mg 208 83.2
Kali/Potassium mg 636 255
Clo/Chloride mg 384 154
Canxi/Calcium mg 499 200
Phốt pho/Phosphorus mg 482 193
Magiê/Magnesium mg 54.0 21.6
Sắt/Iron mg 4.73 1.89
Kẽm/Zinc mg 5.80 2.32
Mangan/Manganese µg 616 246
Đồng/Copper µg 119 47.6
I-ốt/Iodine µg 85.0 34.0
Selen/Selenium µg 5.73 2.29
Crôm/Chromium µg 2.50 1.00
Molypden/Molybdenum µg 8.11 3.25

1. Slowly add 4 scoops of METAMOM into 180ml of boiled water to warm about 45 – 50oC, stir well 200ml of solution, providing 170 Kcal.
2. Drink 1 glass each time. Use 2-3 cups/day or as directed by your doctor/nutritionist. After mixing, use up within 3 hours.
3. Store in a dry, clean, cool place, avoid direct sunlight. Opened cans must be tightly covered and used within 3 weeks.