400g và 900g

– 7.2 BILLION BENEFICIAL BACTERIA: Bifidobacterium BB12 & Lactobacillus La5 double probiotics combined with Natural fiber help support the digestive system, increase the absorption of minerals, and help laxative, reduce pregnancy constipation.
– LESS SWEET, LOW GI: Unique with a low-sweet formula, using the diet sugar system Isomalt, Maltitol, Palatinose is proven by EFSA Europe to have a low glycemic index (GI), helping to better control weight, reducing the risk of gestational diabetes.
– PREMIUM OLIVE OIL: Reduce regular fat, supplemented with easy-to-absorb olive oil essence, along with soluble fiber to help support the digestive system.
– 27 VITAMINS & MINERALS: Full of essential nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and oxidative nutrients (Vitamin C, E, Selenium),… helps improve resistance, helps healthy pregnancy, reduces signs of morning sickness & enhances the nutritional quality of postpartum breast milk.

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SMARTA MOM nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers

Packing: Tin 400g and 900g


Wash your hands well with soap and water before brewing.
Boil utensils, cups and lids in water (boil for 2 minutes).
Boil water to mix for about 1 minute, let the water cool about 40-50 degrees Celsius and then pour the amount of water to be mixed into the cup/dispenser.
Slowly add 40 grams of SMARTA MOM (4 tablespoons) to 180ml of boiled water to warm about 40-50 degrees Celsius, stir 200ml of SMARTA MOM solution.
Use 2 – 3 glasses of SMARTA MOM per day to enhance nutrition for mothers and fetuses.
Store in a dry, clean, cool place away from direct sunlight. The opened container must be tightly closed and used within 3 weeks.