• Rich in Arginine precious protein & BCAA helps strengthen the muscle system. Rich in Calcium, vitamin D3 and Magnesium, especially the Calcium / Phosphorus ratio meets national recommendations to help prevent osteoporosis.
    Rich in MUFA unsaturated fats, plant-based PUFA helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, good for the heart
    System Antioxidants (A, C, E & Selenium) help boost immunity. The formula for lactose separation, along with soluble fiber (FOS / Inulin) is easy to digest, absorb, suitable for older people.
  • Breakthrough with Lactium protein extracted from milk, helping to sleep well, reduce fatigue.
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Nutricare Gold – High energy, fully supplemented with micronutrients to help promote health every day.

Package size: 180ml: 48 boxes/carton

Thành phần/ Ingredient Đơn vị/Unit Trong/In 180 ml
Năng lượng/Energy kcal 180
Protein g 7.28
Arginine g 0.33
Axit Glutamic g 1.64
BCAAs mg 1707.5
Béo/Fatty g 6.59
MUFA mg 2123.3
PUFA mg 380.6
Carbohydrate tổng/Total carbohydrates g 23.9
FOS/ Inulin g 1.72
Lactium mg 19.8
Vitamin A IU 959.2
Vitamin D3 IU 191.8
Vitamin E IU 7.33
Vitamin K mcg 8.31
Vitamin C mg 38.8
Vitamin B1 mcg 569.6
Vitamin B2 mcg 547.04
Vitamin B3 mcg 3991.4
Thành phần Đơn vị Trong 180 ml
Vitamin B5 mcg 2122.4
Vitamin B6 mcg 353.6
Axit folic mcg 78.61
Vitamin B12 mcg 0.44
Biotin mcg 5.33
Natri mg 25.7
Kali mg 188.5
Canxi mg 209.6
Phốt pho mg 199.8
Magie mg 9.93
Sắt mg 0.95
I ốt mcg 48.6
Kẽm mg 3.22
Đồng mcg 61.5
Mangan mcg 227.0
Selen mcg 12.6
Molypden mcg 3.10

-Tastes better when drinking cold
-Shake well before use
-It is recommended to use 2-3 boxes/day of the product for 1 use.
-Store in a cool, dry place

01 Question 1: I often have digestive disorders when using milk, so is there a problem with taking Nutricare Gold?

Currently, most older people in Vietnam experience digestive disorders when drinking milk or dairy products. The main reason is that lactose in milk causes digestive disorders for people who are intolerant to this sugar. Nutricare Gold has separated lactose, so you can safely use milk without worrying about digestive disorders.

02 Question 2: Who is Nutricare Gold used for?

Nutricare Gold is a nutritious product that helps improve the health of older people, so you can use it every day, to promote your health! In particular, for those who need to supplement energy, people who need to gain weight, debilitating body, people before and after surgery, elderly people eat poorly, body weakness Nutricare Gold will be the solution to help you recover your health faster after illness.

03 Question 3: Can I use Nutricare Gold with diabetes?

For people with diabetes, you should choose specialized products that are designed to suit the low glycemic index (GI) such as Glucare Gold. Nutricare Gold is a specialized nutritional product that promotes health, recovers from illness and is not suitable for diabetics.

04 Question 4: How long should Nutricare Gold be maintained, how many glasses should I drink per day?

Nutricare Gold is a nutritional product that enhances the resistance of older people, helping to promote musculoskeletal health that is impaired by age. You should maintain 2 glasses of Nutricare Gold per day to protect your health.

05 Question 5: Does Nutricare Gold have a ready-to-drink format? Is the nutritional value the same as powdered milk?

Nutricare Gold now has a convenient ready-to-drink format, suitable for you to take away, when working away from home. The product has nutritional value and delicious taste like powdered milk.