• The advanced sugar system Palatinose, Isomalt, Maltitol with low GI combined with Chromium is certified by European EFSA to help stabilize blood sugar.
    Supplement 28 micronutrients with Antioxidants system (A, C, E & Selenium) to help reduce stress and fatigue, promote health.
    Rich in soluble fiber (FOS/Inulin) for easy digestion.
    Rich in MUFA, PUFA is good for the heart, reducing complications from diabetes.
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Glucare Gold – Nutrition suitable for diabetics, people at risk of diabetes and gestational diabetes.
+ Do not use for children under 3 years old.
+ Do not use for patients with Galactosemia.
Packing: 180ml – 48 boxes/carton

Thành phần/Components Đơn vị/
Trong 100 g/Per 100 g Trong 1 ly pha chuẩn (210 ml)/Per serving
Năng lượng/Energy kcal 437 197
Đạm/Protein g 20 9
Chất béo/Lipid g 17.4 7.83
MUFA mg 5636 2536
PUFA mg 2107 948
Omega 3 mg 222 99.9
Omega 6 mg 1523 685
Carbohydrate tổng/Total Carbohydrate g 53 23.9
Chất xơ hòa tan (FOS/Inulin)/Prebiotics (FOS/Inulin) g 4.56 2.05
Polyols g 14 6.3
Taurin/Taurine mg 8.62 3.88
Vitamin A IU 1337 602
Vitamin D3 IU 359 162
Vitamin E IU 12.6 5.67
Vitamin K1 µg 20.7 9.32
Vitamin C mg 76.6 34.5
Vitamin B1 µg 773 348
Vitamin B2 µg 548 247
Niacin µg 9221 4149
Axit pantothenic/Pantothenic acid µg 3318 1493
Thành phần Đơn vị Trong 100 g Trong 1 ly pha chuẩn (210 ml)
Vitamin B6 µg 1130 509
Axit folic/Folic acid µg 86.1 38.7
Vitamin B12 µg 4.94 2.22
Biotin µg 24.4 11
Cholin/Choline mg 42.1 18.9
Khoáng chất/Minerals
Natri/Sodium mg 239 108
Kali/Potassium mg 222 99.9
Clo/Chloride mg 364 164
Canxi/Calcium mg 490 221
Phốt pho/Phosphorus mg 231 104
Magiê/Magnesium mg 67.5 30.4
Sắt/Iron mg 3.31 1.49
Kẽm/Zinc mg 13.1 5.9
Mangan/Manganese µg 946 426
Đồng/Copper µg 291 131
I-ốt/Iodine µg 48.7 21.9
Selen/Selenium µg 16.4 7.38
Crôm/Chromium µg 53.7 24.2
Molypden/Molybdenum µg 17.3 7.79

01 Question 1: I often have digestive disorders when using milk, so is there any problem with taking Glucare Gold?

Currently, most elderly people in Vietnam have digestive disorders when drinking milk or dairy products. The main reason is that the lactose in milk causes digestive disorders for people who are intolerant to this sugar. Nutricare Gold has separated lactose, so you can rest assured to use milk without worrying about digestive disorders.

02 Question 2: I have gestational diabetes, can I use Glucare Gold products?

You can completely use it, using Glucare Gold will be specialized for diabetes, helping you control blood sugar stably, safe for pregnant women and fetuses. Glucare Gold also provides adequate nutrition for mother and fetus to develop healthy.

03 Question 3: How long should Glucare Gold be maintained, how many glasses should be taken per day?

Glucare Gold is a specialized nutritional product to help strengthen resistance and stabilize blood sugar for people with diabetes. You should maintain 2 glasses of Glucare Gold every day to protect your health.

04 Question 4: When should Glucare Gold be used?

You should use Glucare Gold and snacks, you can use it for breakfast, afternoon snacks, or at night before going to bed 1 hour. Do not drink immediately after main meal.

05 Q5: Is Glucare Gold available in premix format? Is the nutritional value the same as powdered milk?

Glucare Gold now has a convenient ready-to-drink format, suitable for you to take away, when working away from home. The product has nutritional value and delicious taste like powdered milk.