• Colostrum colostrum, zinc and antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E, SELENIUM) support immune enhancement.
    The nutrient system is rich in unsaturated fats MUFA, PUFA supports reducing bad cholesterol, combined with Vitamin K2 to help protect the heart.
    Breakthrough formula with BCAAs to help increase muscle mass, high energy density (1.2-1.5 kcal / ml), rich in protein to support nutritional recovery. Iron, Copper, Vitamin C help heal wounds quickly.
  • Soluble fiber supplements prebiotics support digestion. Especially supplemented with Lactase enzyme helps reduce bloating, diarrhea due to lactose intolerance.


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Leanmax COLOSTRUM provides Energy, Protein and essential nutrients, which can be used for:

-Adults and children over 6 years old
-Patients before and after surgery
-People who need to strengthen immunity, people who recover from illness
-People with body weakness, who need to restore nutrition
-Elderly people, poor digestion, difficulty chewing and swallowing
-Suitable for people who cannot digest lactose

-Mix 56g (equivalent to 6 tablespoons), Leanmax COLOSTRUM into 170 ml of cooled boiled water (45-50 degrees Celsius), stirring will be about 220 ml Leanmax COLOSTRUM or mixed according to the instructions for how to brew.
-Drink 2 glasses a day or follow the instructions of your doctor/dietitian.
-The mixture after mixing uses within 3 hours.