The secret that helps mother to protect the baby’s immature immune system

Rate this post – The immature immune system in the early stage of life makes children frequently ill. How to strengthen immunity for a healthy baby is always a concern of many mothers.


Frequent mild illness caused by the immaturity of immune system.

The children’s sicknesses are always an obsession for the mothers. Many mothers think that their children often get sick because of their innate atopic, but in fact, their immune systems are still incomplete. At each stage, a child’s immature immune system has to deal with many different challenges.

During the period 0 – 6 months of age, the infant’s immature immune system depends on antibodies from breast milk. The “bodyguard” that protects babies against pathogenic viruses and bacteria is IgG antibodies received from the mother in the last 3 months of pregnancy, and then from colostrum. Due to the weak immune system, children are very sensitive to changes in the external environment and always face the risk of infections and more susceptible to getting sick.

Entering the “immune gap” period from 6 months to 3 years old, the child’s immune system is not yet complete, pathogens such as viruses and bacteria have more opportunities to attack baby’s health, causing frequent harmful affection.

The immune system of children over 3 years old has to face more and more risks when children prepare to go to school and go out more. Children often have to be in contact with an environment with many people, easily encounter cross-infection of respiratory diseases, infectious diseases …

IgG antibodies play a very important role in helping the baby’s immune system to be healthy and preventing mild illness in the early years of life. So how can you support your baby’s immune system even when they stop receiving IgG antibodies from breast milk?

Metacare Colostrum+ help boosting baby’s immune system

Besides breast milk, vaccines and nutrition are the solutions to support the immature immune system of children. If vaccines help the body “practice” to fight with pathogens, daily nutrition plays an important role in strengthening resistance to help children win “victory” and reduce mild illness.

To support immunity for children in the first years of life, Nutricare’s nutritionists have been researching Metacare Colostrum + to help children strengthen their natural resistance.


Metacare Colostrum+ help children to boost their natural resistance

Together with the exceptionally high IgG 1450+ antibody, Metacare Colostrum + also provides the HMO & Lactoferrin duo that help reduce infection by limiting pathogen penetration. HMOs nourish beneficial bacteria, fight pathogens, and reduce infection. Meanwhile, Lactoferrin helps reduce the growth of bacteria and prevents viruses from entering the body.

Not only boosts immunity, Metacare Colostrum + also aids digestion and helps brain development. Up to 70-80% of the body’s immune cells are located in the digestive system, so children with good digestion will have a healthier resistance, thereby reducing mild illness.

With the sweet aroma of vanilla, mothers can easily combine Metacare Colostrum + with main course as a snack, to keep the baby’s meals more delicious. Nutricare’s nutritionist recommends 2 – 3 glasses of milk a day is enough to support the immune system and strengthen the child’s resistance.


2 – 3 glasses of Metacare Colostrum + a day help strengthen the child’s resistance 

When the child’s immune system is still immature, don’t worry too much about it because a good nutrition with Metacare Colostrum + can support a healthier immune system. This is also one of the simple tips that help mothers save time preparing meals while cease to worry about the baby getting sick constantly. Let your baby get sick to train the immune system to “fight”, but don’t forget to “reinforce” so that your baby can quickly win victory!

Metacare Colostrum + is a nutritional product that supplements colostrum, HMO, probiotics to help boost children’s immunity naturally, safely and effectively. The product is researched and developed by Nutricare – Vietnam National Brand of Medical Nutrition.

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