Nutrition to promote health for thyroid patients

Rate this post – In addition to the treatment regimen, diet is an important part to help control cancer in general and thyroid cancer in particular.

For patients with hypothyroidism, after thyroid surgery, and patients after I-131 radioactive iodine treatment, it is necessary to add nutrients to promote thyroid health such as Iodine, Selenium, Vitamin D3. In particular, with this group of patients, it is necessary to pay attention to calcium-fortified nutritional supplements to help prevent the risk of hypocalcemia. Supplementing with foods rich in Omega 3 and curcumin also helps reduce inflammation during the treatment process.

During the treatment process, patients often face difficulties such as poor digestion, anorexia, or change in appetite… The inappropriate abstinence and nutritional supplementation during treatment can lead to the patient’s lack of nutrition. In order to support patients to replenish energy, Leanpro Thyro medical milk was born and is a medical nutritional product trusted by many thyroid patients.

Clarification of Leanpro Thyro and its effectiveness with thyroid disease

Leanpro Thyro is a specialized medical nutritional product for hypothyroid patients and people after thyroid surgery. Products are researched by experts of Nutricare, enhancing the ability to absorb nutrients for users. In particular, the formula meets the standards of Calcium, is rich in iodine as recommended by RNI Vietnam, separates Lactose, and adds Curcumin essence to implement nutritional supplements, helping patients to absorb deficit nutrients in daily meals easily.


In addition, Leanpro Thyro also works to support thyroid patients with hypothyroidism to improve appetite. 

Please be advised that this product is not a medicine, so it is not a substitute for medicine. Therefore, during the time of using the product, the patient also needs to simultaneously increase other nutritious foods at meals to help shorten the recovery process.

Thyroid patients who want to shorten the treatment time, first of all, need to keep their bodies healthy. That means their immune system needs to work properly. As a result, the body is protected from harmful external factors. In particular, the digestive system is also a component of the immune system. Leanpro Thyro milk contains high levels of FOS and Inulin (a form of soluble fiber), which is extremely good for the digestive system.

Leanpro Thyro brings a series of health effects to users

  • Regulating Thyroid Hormone Activity: Leanpro Thyro provides micronutrients Iodine, Selenium at inappropriate levels to stimulate thyroid hormone activity, regulate abnormal thyroid activity. The combination of Omega 3 fish oil rich in EPA, DHA and Nano Curcumin essence helps to support anti-inflammatory and widespread inflammation, antioxidants in the treatment of thyroid disorders.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis & good for the heart: High content of Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Magnesium and Phosphorus in Leanpro Thyro milk help reduce the risk of hypocalcemia, prevent osteoporosis in thyroid patients. At the same time, adding 2 types of unsaturated fats MUFA and PUFA helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, good for the heart and blood pressure.
  • Restoring health & reducing fatigue: With nutritious protein sources from almonds and oats, slow absorption of carbohydrates (Palationose, Maltitol, Isomate) as well as vitamins and minerals to help supplement complete nutrition before, during and after the treatment. The combination of precious protein Lactium and duo (Magnesium-Vitamin B6) is scientifically proven to help reduce stress and fatigue, creating a natural sleep.
  • Easy to digest & absorb: Leanpro Thyro provides soluble fiber that meets 100% of the National Institute of Nutrition recommendations for hypothyroid patients, helps increase beneficial bacteria and avoids constipation. Supplementing with Iron and Folic Acid helps to reduce blood pressure for patients.

When and how much to drink?

You can use Leanpro Thyro to completely replace snacks during the day, or use 7 cups/day with the same amount of 4 tablespoons of powder/glass to completely replace your diet.

Dinh dưỡng tăng cường sức khỏe cho người bệnh tuyến giáp - Ảnh 2.
 Where is Leanpro Thyro manufactured??

Leanpro Thyro Milk is produced by Nutricare – one of the leading prestigious health and nutrition care companies in Vietnam with the mission to bring specialized and quality products to Vietnamese people.

Dinh dưỡng tăng cường sức khỏe cho người bệnh tuyến giáp - Ảnh 3.Hình ảnh mô phỏng công ty Nutricare

Originally imported from the US, Newzealand, and Europe, Leanpro Thyro is a prestigious product trusted and used by millions of thyroid and hypothyroid patients every year.

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