Nutricare was honored in the Top 50 Outstanding Growth Enterprises in Vietnam 2023

Rate this post – On May 17, at the National Convention Center (Hanoi), Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company was honored in the Top 50 Outstanding Growth Enterprises in Vietnam 2023.

This is a ranking jointly organized by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) and VietnamNet newspaper, to recognize and honor 50 Enterprises with the best and most sustainable revenue growth rates, as well as maintenance of stable business performance throughout the period 2015 – 2022.

This outcome once again affirms Nutricare’s position, business capacity and continuous contributions in bringing Nutrition and Medicine to public health care.

Nutricare was honored in the Top 50 Outstanding Growth Enterprises in Vietnam 2023

Continued double-digit growth thanks to persistence in a different direction 

Established in 2010, Nutricare is currently a pioneer with Medical Nutrition products, collaborating and applying international nutritional science achievements to improve the quality of life of millions of Vietnamese people for 12 years.

Characteristics of Medical Nutrition is a new science with potential, moreover, brings numerous challenges. Medical Nutrition training in Vietnam is at primitive stage, creating a large “gap” in human resources. Businesses also need strong capital and bold confidence to equip modern facilities to meet requirements from research laboratories to production lines, hence allowing product quality is always the best.

Besides, the determination to pursue Medical Nutrition also forces Nutricare to find a solution to the supply and demand problem of the Vietnamese market. Factors such as age group (children, adults, the elderly), disease (thyroid, cancer, diabetes, kidney diseases, malnutrition, stunting…), even living area (rural, city) are all prerequisites for creating different nutritional needs of each individual. This requires Nutricare’s product research to be diverse and optimized to suit the different physical characteristics of Vietnamese people in different stage of life. At the same time, continuously improving and launching new products also contributes to satisfying the tastes and needs of consumers at each time. This is considered a prerequisite for Nutricare to preserve business value and sustainably pursue the goal of the National Brand for Medical Nutrition.

Faced with a “challenging issue”, for more than a decade, Nutricare has gradually overcome challenges, steadfast in the path of developing Medical Nutrition in Vietnam. The process of sending personnel for abroad training or inviting foreign experts to train internal personnel, or building a modern factory that meets ISO 22000:2018, GMP, HACCP quality standards; Researching and producing the largest portfolio of Medical Nutrition products in Vietnam with more than 50 product lines that meet human advanced nutritional needs is a testament to the seriousness and efforts, and at the same time a leverage for Nutricare to maintain double-digit growth during more than 10 years of operation.

Nutricare factory is equipped with an automation system, specifically designed by experts from Tetra Pak Group

Not stopping there, Nutricare continues innovation to bring increasingly specialized Medical Nutrition solutions to Vietnamese people. A representative of Nutricare shared: “A distinct direction is not enough, Nutricare’s team of research experts are required to always flexibly restructure products and innovate to bring superior nutritional products at most reasonable costs. In early May 2023, Nutricare joined hands with international experts to establish the Nutricare Institute of Medical Nutrition – USA, with the mission of leading in research and application of the world’s leading Medical Nutrition solutions, especially US standards satisfied to care for and improve the quality of life for millions of Vietnamese families.”

On May 1, 2023, the signing ceremony to establish Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA took place at its headquarter in Florida

Growth breakthrough – Excellent achievement in the Top 50 Outstanding Growth Enterprises 

With a unique strategy and direction, Nutricare has excellently passed the Organizing Committee’s strict criteria to be in the Top 50 Outstanding Growth Enterprises in Vietnam 2023.

Although this is considered a “challenging” period for the business in the face of global economic and political instability, Nutricare has affirmed the bravery of the leading enterprise in Medical Nutrition. As the result, Nutricare successfully recorded its name in the Top 50 Outstanding Growth Enterprises in Vietnam 2023 with high business efficiency, fast and stable growth rate.

The desire to improve the quality of life for million Vietnamese, by cooperating and applying international nutritional scientific achievements in Medical Nutrition products, Nutricare has been and will continue the journey enabling good health and intelligence for future generations of Vietnamese” – Nutricare representative additionally shared.

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