Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA launches the new Nutricare Gold product

Rate this post – In October 2023, Nutricare and the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA) launched the new nutritional supplement product Nutricare Gold with an advanced formula, US standards, to help improve the elderly health.

This is an activity within the cooperation agreement between Nutricare and NMNI-USA to create nutritional solutions of outstanding quality, according to US standards, suitable for Vietnamese people’s physical condition, contributing to the care and improvement of health for millions of Vietnamese families.

The conference had the presence of Dr. David Clark – Director of the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA), specialized doctors, and nutrition experts

At the conference, consumers and partners have the opportunity to learn useful information about the current nutritional and health status of Vietnamese elderly people from experts.

Currently, the big challenge for the elderly is how to have a balanced, healthy diet that contributes to enhancing and restoring overall health and supporting aging problems. Often, these health problems combine to affect mobility and cause the elderly to lose independence.

New Nutricare Gold is researched and developed by Nutricare and NMNI-USA

With a formula researched and developed by the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA), the new Nutricare Gold product is a comprehensive nutritional solution to help the elderly recover and improve their health. New Nutricare Gold contains 56 nutrients with plant protein and Whey protein from the US, helping to improve health, support muscles, bones and joints flexibility and promote good sleep.

The older people get, the weaker their bone and joint health becomes. Older people are more likely to encounter problems such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other diseases that can cause damage and reduce the quality of muscles, bones and joints. According to studies, turning 40, human’s body faces to lose 8% of muscle mass every 10 years, and after age 70, this rate almost doubles.

Therefore, the new Nutricare Gold has added a trio of golden nutrients to support musculoskeletal joints including Glucosamine, Calcium and HMB with Glucosamine having the role of increasing joint fluid and cartilage cells, helping to lubricate joint cartilage, increasing toughness and flexibility of joints.

Calcium, Glucosamine, HMB help strengthen bones and joints

Besides musculoskeletal diseases, cardiovascular diseases are also the leading cause of death in the elderly in Vietnam. New Nutricare Gold supplements Omega 3,6,9 to help reduce bad cholesterol and regulate blood fat combined with the Antioxidants system to help neutralize harmful free radicals, reduce the destruction of proteins and lipids, thereby reducing the atherosclerosis, good for the heart, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and stroke prevention.

Omega 3,6,9 and Antioxidant system support the cardiovascular system and prevent strokes

Thoroughly researched with an American standard formula, suitable for Vietnamese people’s physical condition, Nutricare Gold also adds valuable nutrients such as Lactium that have been clinically proven to support good sleep, helping to improve insomnia and improve deep sleep. This is also a common condition in the elderly. With a delicious taste, easy to drink and reasonable price, the product is a companion to support daily health care for the elderly.

It is known that in October 2023, Nutricare and NMNI-USA organized a series of events to launch the new trio of Nutricare Gold, Glucare Gold, and Nutricare Bone products in Ninh Binh, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. The program has received enthusiastic reception from more than 1,500 customers who are shop owners and agents nationwide.

Doctor. Nguyen Duc Minh – General Director of Nutricare shared: “By cooperating with NMNI-USA, Nutricare once again affirms its aspiration and commitment to bring nutritional solutions of international quality, US standards, towards improve health for millions of Vietnamese families.”

With superior nutritional formula, the trio of products Nutricare Gold, Glucare Gold, Nutricare Bone is the initial achievement of the strategic handshake between Nutricare and NMNI-USA.

Customers can refer to more product information at:

– Website:

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– Hotline: 1800 6011

Source: Viện Dinh dưỡng Y học Nutricare Hoa Kỳ ra mắt sản phẩm Nutricare Gold mới| Vietnamnet (


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