Metacare Drinking Yogurt with 1 billion new probiotics help improve intestinal health for children

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Eva – With the desire to provide international standard nutrition, suitable for Vietnamese children, and allow children’s digestive systems be healthier, Nutricare cooperates with Adare Biome – a world leading pioneer pharmaceutical group in applying Scientific achievements in probiotic strains that help support digestive system health; Now in Vietnam Postbiotics LBiome is added to Metacare Drinking Yogurt with 1 billion probiotics.

Postbiotics probiotics – an advanced solution to improve intestinal health for children

According to scientific research, children’s intestinal microflora is created by a system of microorganisms living in the intestinal tract. In particular, 85% helpful bacteria and 15% harmful bacteria is a relatively ideal ratio to help ensure a healthy child’s digestive system. Therefore, maintaining this ratio has a great effect in supporting the child’s good digestive system, enhancing resistance, and increasing the ability to absorb nutrients.

Widely applied in 35 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia, Postbiotics probiotics is one of the leading solutions in the world, bringing various benefits to a healthy digestive system in children.

Postbiotics probiotics bring various benefits to a healthy digestive system in children

Postbiotics LBiome probiotic contains inactivated Lactobacillus LB cells to support digestive health, recommended by the European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, safe for children 1 month and older.

In the intestinal microflora of young children, Postbiotics LBiome probiotics directly impact the intestinal microflora, preventing the invasion of pathogens, while inhibiting the activity of harmful bacteria, helping to balance the intestinal microorganisms system, thereby stimulating the body’s natural immune system.

With a number of proven scientific studies, Postbiotics LBiome probiotics have a strong impact in helping children’s digestive system stay healthy, improving acute diarrhea and digestive disorders, while also supporting resistance boost.

Supplementing Postbiotics probiotics through a healthy and complete diet slowly and reasonably is one of the easiest ways to enhance children’s intestinal microflora. Along with that, using products supplemented with Postbiotics probiotics also brings similar effects.

Metacare Drinking Yogurt with 1 billion beneficial bacteria brings healthy digestion and greater height

Marking the first time Postbiotics LBiome probiotics have been applied to nutritional products in Vietnam, Metacare Drinking Yogurt with 1 billion probiotics provides quality nutrition, supporting healthy digestion and superior development for your child.

Helpful bacteria Postbiotics supplemented Lbiome support healthy digestion and better resistance for your kids

Drinking Yogurt Metacare 1 billion Postbiotics LBiome probiotics help prevent the invasion of pathogens, balance the intestinal microflora and activate the natural immune system for healthy development of children. In consequence, children’s resistance is enhanced, digestion is supported, and nutrients are absorbed better.

Metacare Drinking Yogurt 1 billion probiotics also provides essential nutrients for children’s physical development. Notably, the duo Calcium and Vitamin D3 imported directly from the US contribute to the daily height development of children.

Diversified with three delicious, easy-to-drink fruit flavors of Orange, Strawberry and Grape, suitable for children’s tastes, Metacare Drinking Yogurt 1 billion probiotics is definitely a drink of choice as well as a companion bringing quality nutritional values in the process of growing tall and healthy for children.

For parents, to learn more about Metacare Drinking Yogurt with 1 billion probiotics: Click Here

Metacare is a nutritional product that allows comprehensively physical development for children, researched and produced by Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company – an enterprise that has achieved the Vietnam National Brand of Medical Nutrition for 6 consecutive years, since 2018.

Metacare’s products are researched by nutrition experts to create milk formulas suitable for Vietnamese people’s physical condition, with carefully selected imported ingredients and modern technological lines that meet international quality standards: ISO 22000:2018, HACCP and GMP.

With outstanding quality, Metacare is recognized as a National Medical Nutrition Brand, achieved several major awards and being selected in prestigious rankings: Top 100 Best Products and Services for Families, Children (2022), Key Industrial Products of Hanoi City” (2021),…

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Hotline: 1800.6011

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