Leanpro Thyro Lid is specialized for thyroid patients following low iodine diet

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thanhnien.vnIn order for people with thyroid disease, particularly those who abstain from iodine to achieve curative effectiveness in terms of both time and quality, ensuring the ability of the thyroid gland to be healthy again, patients should pay attention to the constant daily diet.

Iodine levels above the permitted level (50 mcg/day) are the main cause of hyperthyroidism becoming more difficult to treat. In particular, during the iodine diet period, patients have many difficulties in eating, selecting and avoiding food, leading to serious nutritional deficiencies.

One of the first method to improve thyroid health in the healing period is having a nutritious diet, but still ensuring that iodine level is not exceeded, especially supplementing a medical nutritional product like Leanpro Thyro LID milk.

 width=The diet of people with thyroid disease must not exceed the allowable iodine threshold

What is Leanpro Thyro LID and how to use it?

Known as a dedicated support product for thyroid patients during iodine abstinence and/or people with hyperthyroidism, Leanpro Thyro LID has been removed by up to 99% iodin  according to the US Thyroid Association recommendation, helps patients significantly reduce the amount of iodine in the body each day. At the same time, Leanpro Thyro LID enhances nutrients that are good for thyroid patients such as  Nano Curcumin, high calcium and high fiber content.

 width=Leanpro Thyro LID is a solution that enhances good nutrients for thyroid patients

The nutritional formula of Leanpro Thyro LID provides 4 essential functions, important to provide nutrition to help restore the health of the patient to effectively respond to the treatment process.

Recommended as a snack of the day, people with hyperthyroidism or iodine dieters can take Leanpro Thyro LID as a substitute for a snack or supplement to an incomplete main meal; the product is recommended with 2 – 3 glasses/day. Leanpro Thyro LID can be taken into the body in a liquid milk form by dissolving 4 tablespoons of powdered milk in 180ml of warm water. With such milk you can completely use the milk through the nasogastric intubation.

 width=Leanpro Thyro LID can replace daily snacks with recommended amount of 2 – 3 glasses/day

The effects of Leanpro Thyro LID on people with thyroid disease or people following low iodine diet

Being used as a medical nutritional supplement, but the function and effectiveness of Leanpro Thyro LID are not “sub” at all. Possessing up to 4 great functions that people with hyperthyroidism, all iodine dieters need.

First, as a specialized iodine-free milk, Leanpro Thyro LID has been formulated to remove up to 99% of iodine, but still ensures a balanced and diverse source of vitamins and minerals. This helps people who are on low iodine diet completely worry-free, no need to weigh and measure each mcg of iodine taken into the body when drinking milk.

Next, one benefit that all thyroid patients in general look for is blood calcium regulation. Leanpro Thyro LID confidently meets this expectation for patients. Milk calcium will be easily absorbed and contain higher calcium amount than other forms, so calcium in milk is prioritized by Nutricare’s researchers with the amount meeting the recommended standards according to RNI Vietnam.

 width=Leanpro Thyro Lid possesses 4 great functions that people with hyperthyroidism and iodine dieters need.

Inflammation is a common condition in people with thyroid disease in general and hyperthyroidism, radioactive iodine treatment in particular…. Therefore, the goal of reducing inflammation is always focused in the treatment of thyroid diseases as well as the criteria to support the health of Leanpro Thyro LID milk in production.

Curcumin and Omega 3 are known as the most perfect wound-healing active ingredients in medicine. As for Leanpro Thyro LID, despite of not being a medicine, it is still impossible to ignore the presence of these active ingredients.

In people with hyperthyroidism, iodine abstinence often has symptoms of calcium metabolism disorders. To have more calcium, the body will take calcium from the bones, leading to the eventual consequences of osteoporosis. To help prevent this symptom, Leanpro Thyro LID uses lactose separated milk and is extremely rich in fiber, making it easier for patients to digest and metabolize calcium.

Who should use Leanpro Thyro LID?

Leanpro Thyro LID is a specialized product intended only for people with hyperthyroidism and iodine abstinence. Therefore, milk formulas are also researched by Nutricare experts based on the reason, symptoms, and treatment regimens of these diseases to give appropriate nutritional content.

People with thyroid disease, in particular, hyperthyroidism patients, those who are on an iodine diet or having reduced iodine during meals can use milk. But to achieve the desired effect, you should use continuously during the time from right after the discovery of the disease until the cure is completed.

Users can buy product at: https://nutricare.com.vn/sua-tuyen-giap/

Hotline: 1800 6011 (toll free)

Cre: https://thanhnien.vn/leanpro-thyro-lid-chuyen-biet-cho-nguoi-benh-tuyen-giap-trong-che-do-an-kieng-i-ot-post933125.html

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