How to prevent depression in hypothyroid patients?

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Suckhoedoisong.vnDepression is not only a consequence of hypothyroidism but can also become a cause of worsening thyroid disease.

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland at the front of the throat produces too little of the hormone needed to convert food into energy and support growth. Causes of this condition can include autoimmune disease, thyroidectomy, or radiation treatment.

An underactive thyroid can cause depressive symptoms that make it more difficult to treat.

When hypothyroidism and depression “attack” at the same time

Although hypothyroidism and depression are two separate illnesses, depression is sometimes a symptom of hypothyroidism. Studies show that the consequences of hypothyroidism often lead to many different diseases, including depression.


Hypothyroidism often leads to many different diseases, including depression

Both hypothyroidism and depression can affect a person’s mood in daily life. It may be because of mood disorders drugs that affect thyroid function.

If the thyroid gland is underactive, leading to hypothyroidism, it can cause symptoms such as fatigue, oversleep, aches, constipation, dry skin, hoarse voice, hair loss, etc. Accordingly, the patient’s mood can also easily become irritable, grumpy, depressed, sad…

As a result, people with severe hypothyroidism may experience depressive symptoms and are at increased risk for psychological health disorders. When both hypothyroidism and depression strike at the same time, the patient often feels not only physically tired but also mentally fragile.


 The patient’s treatment process has many difficulties when hypothyroidism and depression “attack” at the same time.

So is there any way to help hypothyroid patients prevent depression to focus on effective treatment more quickly?

It’s time for you to “counterattack”

To prevent depression during hypothyroidism treatment, patients need to pay attention to mental health care with a healthy lifestyle. Patients can manage stress by relaxation, positive thinking combined with gentle physical activities. Whenever feeling stressed, the patient should take a deep breath and exhale a long breath will have a very good effect on mood improvement.

Along with a healthy lifestyle that improves mental health, people with hypothyroidism need to get advice from their doctor when applying treatments. Depending on your condition, your doctor may prescribe medication, hormone replacement therapy, and a thyroid-boosting diet.

Patients with hypothyroidism need to follow a diet supplemented with iodine to promote thyroid health. This is also the diet indicated for patients after thyroid surgery and after radioactive iodine treatment.


A diet rich in iodine will support hypothyroid patients during treatment

When applying a diet supplementing with iodine as prescribed by the doctor, patients can add foods such as eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, milk… To enhance thyroid health, many patients are recommended to use Leanpro Thyro milk of the national brand Nutricare. This is a “counterattack” strategy that helps patients both improve symptoms of hypothyroidism and prevent depression.

Leanpro Thyro Milk is a specialized nutritional solution to improve thyroid hormone function with an iodine content that meets Vietnam’s RNI recommendations. Thanks to the high calcium content, the product helps to reduce the risk of hypocalcemia and prevent osteoporosis. In addition, the product also contains Nano Curcumin to help reduce inflammation and support the next treatment process.

In particular, Leanpro Thyro milk is effective in reducing stress and fatigue thanks to ingredients such as Lactium, B6, Mg… These are nutrients that help patients sleep better, thereby restoring both mental and physical health. Hypothyroid patients can drink 2-3 glasses of milk a day by combining it with breakfast, snack and supper before bedtime to minimize symptoms of depression.


Leanpro Thyro Milk is an effective medical nutritional solution for hypothyroid patients

Depression can make a thyroid patient’s journey to treatment challenging. Therefore, taking care of mental health is very important to help patients prevent this dangerous side effect. If you want to win the battle with illness, you must first be mentally strong and optimistic.

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