Hanie Kid meets nutritional recommendations specifically for underweight and stunted children

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aFamily.vn – The extreme heat during summer days is a regular cause leading to dehydration, fatigue and loss of appetite in children. Prolonged conditions can result in energy deficiency and nutritional imbalance, affecting resistance and physical development, especially in underweight and stunted children.

Therefore, for a healthy development of your kids, parents need to pay attention to a reasonable nutritional diet that helps replenish children’s energy during the summer. Based on the energy balance mechanism, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the application of the 100 kcal High Energy formula specifically for malnourished and stunted children to compensate for the energy deficiency that the physical condition of this group of children required. The formula has been applied by the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA) in the Hanie Kid Medical Nutrition product to provide nutritional solutions to help improve the stature of Vietnamese children. 

Special High Energy Formula 100 kcal for underweight and stunted children  

During the first 5 years of life, a child’s body develops at a rapid pace. The growth of organ systems, metabolic reactions, muscle activity, heat production, and the formation of new cells all require energy. Therefore, prolonged energy deficiency in children during this period is also considered one of the causes of poor health, susceptibility to infections, and prolonged anorexia, thereby causing pathological conditions such as malnutrition and stunting.

To improve the health and stature of underweight and stunted kids, parents need to pay attention to supplementing their children with more energy than usual; at the same time, adding nutrients to support development, protect the body and enhance metabolism and nutrient absorption.

However, malnourished and stunted children often eat less or skip meals, especially during the hot summer period, making many parents feel worried. Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that, in addition to daily meals, parents should supplement snacks with energy-rich and easily absorbed foods such as milk or dairy products to allow effective improvement of underweight and stunting conditions. In particular, according to recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, parents should prioritize specialized milk products specifically for underweight and stunted children, meeting the F-100 formula ( 100 kcal/100 ml, 2.9 g protein/100 ml) by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The F-100 formula means that 100ml of the preparation provides up to 100 kcal. The concentrated formula of energy, protein and other micronutrients in F-100 helps children catch up with growth and rebuild tissue lost during long-term malnutrition. The product F-100 was researched by scientists and is currently used by WHO as well as the Ministry of Health of Vietnam for treatment regimens and to support the physical recovery of underweight and stunted children.

Nutritional products with 100 kcal High Energy formula combined with essential nutrients in a healthy diet and lifestyle will help improve the growth rate and stature of malnourished children.

Hanie Kid 2+ Medical Nutrition Food meets High Energy standards 100 kcal allows children to gain weight after 1 month  

The new Hanie Kid is a product researched and developed by the Medical Nutrition Nutricare Institute. The product not only meets the World Health Organization’s energy recommendations but also supplements essential nutrients to help underweight and stunted children effectively improve their physical condition.

The Pedia formula contained in Hanie Kid has been completely applied by American experts to the 100 kcal High Energy formula recommended by the World Health Organization for children who have or are suffering from underweight and stunting. The product provides a complete source of energy and nutrients to help malnourished children restore their health and catch up with growth. Hanie Kid has been clinically proven to help children gain weight after 1 month, specifically enabling weight improvement by 155%.

At the same time, Hanie Kid also contains the trio of valuable nutrients Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2 in high concentrations, helping to enhance Calcium absorption, giving children strong bones, outstanding growth, and more comprehensive development.

Besides adding valuable nutrients to support growth, the new Hanie Kid also contains 24-hour Colostrum imported directly from the US. This is a premium colostrum containing valuable IgG antibodies, which are proven to help prevent and destroy harmful viruses and bacteria; Strengthen the body’s resistance. The 24-hour colostrum contained in Hanie Kid is the type of colostrum containing the highest level of IgG antibodies, recommended by experts.

Hanie Kid is now available with a convenient ready-to-drink milk version – same nutrients as powdered milk, providing easy choice for parents to supplement their kids whether being at school or hanging out.

With a delicious, easy-to-drink taste and a nutritious and balanced formula researched and developed by leading nutrition experts from the United States, Hanie Kid will definitely be a great companion of parents along your kids’ caring journey for weight gain and better height this summer.

Hanie Kid – Medical Nutrition – Weight gain after 1 month is researched and developed by the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute. Find out more information at:

Website: https://nutricare.com.vn/nutricare-haniekid.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haniekid/  

Hotline: 1800 6011

Manufactured and product responsibility by Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company.

Representative office: The Nutricare Building, No. 8, Area A-TT2 Him Lam, Van Phuc ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi.

Source: Hanie Kid đáp ứng khuyến nghị dinh dưỡng dành riêng cho trẻ nhẹ cân, thấp còi

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