Faqs about Coloscare Adult?

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Question 1: I often have digestive disorders when drinking milk, so is there any problem taking Coloscare Adult?

Currently, most of the elderly in Vietnam experience digestive disorders every time they drink milk or dairy products. The main reason is due to lactose in milk.

According to a recent survey, the rate of lactose malabsorption in Vietnam is 86.8%, and this situation is more common in the elderly.

Lactose is a sugar found in dairy products. People with lactose intolerance which is caused by the body not producing enough lactase, a natural enzyme produced by the intestinal tract, helping to digest lactose.

So when eating dairy foods, the lactose in it will not be broken down, but transferred to the large intestine. Here the bacteria break down lactose into liquid and gas, causing patient’s digestive system symptoms such as bloating, and diarrhea.


Nutricare ColosCare – No lactose, easy to digest, suitable for the elderly.

With the Lactose sugar detach formula, Nutricare ColosCare – a nutrient that enhances the resistance for the elderly, helps them no longer worry about digestion when drinking milk.

Question 2: Can pregnant women take ColosCare Adult?

ColosCare Adult is a nutritional product that is completely safe for pregnant women. However, pregnant mothers should only use ColosCare to increase resistance during illnesses, when weakened and tired bodies need to improve health. When the body is stable, they should switch to using the specific pregnancy milk products, exclusively made for pregnant women to help provide a full range of nutrients suitable for pregnant mothers such as Metamom or Smarta Mom product.

Question 3: Can a diabetic person use ColosCare Adult?

For diabetics you should choose specialized products formulated with low glycemic index (GI) such as Glucare Gold. For ColosCare Adult product is a specialized nutritional product that enhances resistance and is not suitable for diabetics.

Question 4: How long should ColosCare Adult be maintained, and how many glasses should be taken per day?

ColosCare Adult  is a nutritional product that enhances the resistance of the elderly, improves health, protects against harmful factors from the external environment, as well as the decline in resistance due to aging process. You should keep 2 glasses of ColosCare Adult daily to keep you healthy.


Question 5: ColosCare Adult is supplemented with high colostrum content, is it affecting the taste of products and making it difficult to drink?

Although the addition of high colostrum content helps enhance the resistance, the product is researched and blended very well and still ensures the delicious taste of the product.

You can register to try the product at: 

Question 6: How much is ColosCare Adult and is it higher than other conventional products?

ColosCare Adult is a specialized nutritional product to increase resistance, supplement with high content of colostrum and specialized nutrients such as Lactoferrin, Beta-Glucan, Probiotics… to help strengthen the resistance. However, the product price is very reasonable and not too much higher than other conventional products on the market.

+ ColosCare Adult 400g: 260,000 VND

+ ColosCare Adult 900g: 510,000 VND

Question 7: ColosCare products are announced to increase resistance, can I use it in my normal health?

The product is suitable for all people who are the elderly, except for some groups of diseases such as diabetes, kidney, … to help enhance health, resistance and prevent the risk of infection. If you have stable health, you can use ColosCare as a daily drink, which helps replenish and protect the body.

Question 8: I am allergic to milk protein; can I use this product?

ColosCare Adult is based on cow’s milk, so if you are allergic to cow’s milk protein, you should not take this product. You can switch to nut-based dairy products, such as the Nunut milk product from eight types of nuts that supplement micronutrients to promote health.

Question 9: Can patients hospitalized after surgery use this product?


ColosCare Adult is a nutritional product that is very suitable for the sick, the debilitated person, before and after surgery to help strengthen resistance, restore and improve health quickly. Therefore, you absolutely can use this product, during weakness and sick periods to quickly recover from illness.


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