Coloscare IgG 24h Colostrum – A companion for strong resistance in the early stage of life

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vtv.vnThe immune system in young children is not yet fully developed, leading to poor resistance, children easily getting sick, so it might worry parents. To equip the baby with a healthy immune shield and confidently develop in the first years of life, Nutricare introduces ColosCare IgG24h colostrum – providing nutrition from 100% imported US colostrum.


IgG antibodies – The key to protecting the child’s immune system

It’s scientifically proven that IgG antibodies play an important role in the child’s immune system during each stage of the growth journey. While in the womb, IgG antibodies in the mother’s serum can cross the placenta to protect the baby against pathogens. In the first few days after birth, IgG antibodies are passed on to the baby by the mother through breast milk, forming an immune system that protects the newborn against infectious factors during the first years of life. In particular, IgG antibodies have the highest levels in the first 72 hours after birth, so doctors advise mothers to take advantage of the precious colostrum for their babies right during this time.

After 6 months of age, the passive immunity from the mother to the baby gradually decreases and disappears. At this time, the immune system in children is still weak and not fully developed, so it can easily lead to minor illnesses, especially respiratory and digestive tract infections. After each such illness, the child’s ability to eat and absorb nutrients is reduced, leading to anorexia, stunting and growth retardation. Children’s resistance has become even worse. This creates a vicious cycle in the child’s development journey.


Strengthening immunity thanks to IgG antibodies is the key for children to have a premise for comprehensive development

A healthy immune system at each stage is extremely important for a child’s overall development. Mothers need to pay special attention to actively supplementing with IgG antibodies to strengthen immunity and protect children from the risk of infection. With enthusiasm and desire to bring a solution to strengthen the natural immune system in children, nutrition experts of Nutricare have diligently researched and launched ColosCare IgG24h colostrum product.

ColosCare IgG24h colostrum: Support to strengthen resistance to help baby to grow and be healthy

With 100% 24h colostrum ingredients imported from the US, ColosCare IgG24h colostrum is the companion that Nutricare would like to offer to mothers and babies in the first years of life.


ColosCare Colostrum equips the baby with a “protective armor” against pathogens

The first is the IgG24h antibody present in ColosCare colostrum. With a content of up to 300+mg, ColosCare colostrum helps equip babies with a super-strength “protective armor” against pathogens. In the period from 0 to 6 months of age, the content of IgG antibodies in ColosCare colostrum will work with IgG antibodies from the mother to help the baby adapt healthy to the new living environment. From 6 months of age onwards, the antibody content in ColosCare colostrum plays a particularly important role in supporting the strengthening of resistance, helping the baby grow up healthy.

Also in the first years of life, anorexia and loss of appetite in children are quite common. This leads to nutritional deficiencies, growth disorders, impaired immune system, poor brain development, reduced emotional index, etc., affecting the comprehensive development and future of children. With careful research and calculations, Nutricare experts add Zinc, Lysine and Enzymes to ColosCare IgG24h colostrum to support appetite stimulation, thereby supporting children to easily metabolize and absorb nutrients.


ColosCare IgG24h colostrum supports appetite stimulation, children easily metabolize and absorb nutrients

Not only that, ColosCare IgG24h colostrum is also a great companion in supporting the strengthening of the digestive system, for a healthy baby and comprehensive development. With ColosCare IgG24h colostrum, parents can rest assured watching their children grow up confidently every day.


With ColosCare IgG24h colostrum, babies are supported to improve their resistance every day

ColosCare IgG24h colostrum health protection food is a product of Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company – Vietnam’s national brand of medical nutrition. ColosCare IgG24h provides nutritional sources of colostrum from the United States, along with nutrients to help improve resistance and health for infants, young children, adults and sick adults who need to strengthen their resistance.

For more information about the product, please contact hotline: 1800.6011 (Toll free)

Products are manufactured and distributed by:

Nutricare Joint Stock Company

Address: No. 1, Adjacent 2, Van Phuc Urban Area, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City

This product is not a medicine and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment.



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