Coloscare: A “shield” to protect health during the epidemic season

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eva.vnTo create a “shield” to protect health during the epidemic season, Nutricare scientists have created ColosCare colostrum to help strengthen the resistance of the whole family.

The epidemic season not only puts your health at risk with a high risk of infection, but also comes with insecurity every time you step foot on the street. Instead of fear, you can find ways to increase the resistance as a “shield” to help the body actively prevent disease.


Health risks during epidemic season

After 1 year when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out globally, Vietnam is now racing against time to research, test and produce vaccines. While some drug trials are underway, there is currently no evidence that any medicine can cure or prevent Covid-19.

Together with the Covid-19 epidemic, people with weak immune systems also have to cope with health risks from seasonal diseases. Autumn-winter epidemic diseases can include groups of upper and lower respiratory diseases, hand, foot and mouth disease, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis … In the time of spring-summer there are some infectious diseases at risk of spreading strongly such as measles, influenza, meningococcal encephalitis, mumps …


Those with weak immune systems such as children, sick people and the elderly face higher health risks during the epidemic season. Therefore, the immune system is the “shield” to help the body fight off pathogens from the outside environment.

People with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to pathogens, and the risk of seasonal diseases is higher. In the case of getting sick, the complications of the disease will be more serious, the mortality rate will also be higher. If the immune system improves, the health risks are also reduced. So how can you boost your immune system?

Enhancing immune system with ColosCare

 width=ColosCare is a line of products that help strengthen the immune system for all ages

ColosCare is a product that scientists have researched extensively, the immune system enhancing effect of ColosCare has a great contribution from the market-leading high IgG antibody content (1200mg +) in its formula.

Referring to IgG, most of us know that this is only a nutrient in the mother’s colostrum, secreted within 24 to 48 hours after birth to protect the baby from external pathogens. In fact, IgG plays an extremely important role in the body’s immune system. IgG is one of the 5 antibodies that make up the immune system, which neutralizes factors, bacteria and viruses. IgG accounts for 70 – 75% of the total amount of antibodies in the serum (blood). Therefore, the more stable of IgG level, the greater the immunity against infections.

According to a representative of Nutricare: “ColosCare’s ingredient formula has been carefully researched and calculated by experts based on the state and living habits of Vietnamese people. Specifically, in addition to IgG antibodies, ColosCare also contains HMO 2’FL, Lactoferrin, Beta-Glucan 1,3 / 1,6 which are anti-resistance enhancement nutrients. Soluble fiber helps prevent constipation and supports the growth of good bacteria. Vitamin D content of 143IU / 100g plays an important role in supporting the immune system for children…”.

ColosCare with 32 nutrients helps build a healthy and balanced diet for the whole family, thereby strengthening the immune system, increasing resistance, forming a strong “shield” to help protect the human body, especially young children from infectious diseases, seasonal diseases, or dangerous epidemics …

For more information about ColosCare for adults Click here! More information about Coloscare for children Click here! Currently, ColosCare has three corresponding product lines to enhance the immune system for the whole family, including ColosCare powder milk and convenient ColosCare + formula for children under 10 years old; ColosCare Adult formula for children over 10 years old and adults.

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ColosCare was one of the first brands to develop a nutritional product line that enhances resistance with the market’s leading high (1200mg +) IgG antibody. 

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