9x store owner as “ambassador” of Nutricare in Da Nang

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In the morning in April, we came to the shop “Nhu Hoa” of Ms. Tran Thi Kim Yen (SN 1990, An Ngai Dong village, Hoa Son commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City). At this time, Yen and her staff were diligently consulting Nutricare milk products for customers.

Customers from “out-of-the-town”

Sharing about her chance to become an “ambassador store” to bring quality dairy products to consumers, Yen said that a few years ago, she was told by a brother that Nutricare dairy company was expanding the market and needed to find distribution stores.

After careful research, Ms. Yen learned that this is a trusted dairy company in the market, founded by reputable scientists and experts, with many years of research experience at the National Institute of Nutrition and overseas training, trusted in many central hospitals and medical care facilities. Rest assured about origin and quality, so she decided to import Nutricare products to sell to customers.

“Nutricare milk has a variety of products to serve all ages from children, pregnant women or the elderly, along with high nutritional value, so when I purchased the product, a lot of people bought it. When they bought the first can for their children and saw the improvement from children, they might introduce their friends, relatives, colleagues to the store to buy. Thanks to the good product quality, my customer base has gradually increased,” said Ms. Yen.


Ms. Yen at her stall in Hoa Vang, Da Nang

Currently, about 90% of workers in Hoa Khanh Industrial Park (Lien Chieu district) in the area where she lives choose Nutricare dairy products to use, Ms. Yen shared. Not only that, but the product is also ordered by many customers from other provinces such as in Quang Nam, Thua Thien Hue, and Ha Tinh.

“Customers in the industrial park have many needs: There are people who buy milk for their children to gain weight, or milk for children with poor appetite, for supporting brain development, height, etc., not focusing on a certain type of products. At Nutricare, there are always suitable products to meet each customer’s individual needs, so I can easily sell them.

Currently, many customers after using have bought in very large quantities. Some people at the end of the year buy hundreds of cans of Nutricare as gifts for the company’s employees. As a seller, when I see customers trust and are willing to introduce the product to others, I feel very happy,” Ms. Yen said.

One of the customers that Ms. Yen remembers the most is Ms. Lieu. Ms. Lieu’s first baby was malnourished and anorexic. After using Nutricare’s milk products, Ms. Lieu’s daughter absorbed well, gained weight, and developed in height. Trusted in the products, Ms. Lieu continued to choose Nutricare products for her children.

In addition to the quality through the use process, Ms. Yen said that many of her customers also win golden prizes when buying milk during times of promotions and “gratitude” programs of the company.


Nutricare milk products are loved and trusted by customers at the store

Success when the company always accompanies

For Ms. Yen, to create the trust of customers like today is thanks to the company’s support in development strategy, jointly introducing products, and running promotion programs. Along with that is the companion and support of her husband in the journey of more than 10 years of building the reputation of Nhu Hoa store by the product quality and sales service.

“Everyone who runs a business has problems to worry about, especially the competition of the market. Fortunately, Nutricare company always provides timely support to customers: in terms of preferential treatment, service and working attitude are very professional, always listens and captures the smallest opinions of customers.

According to my sales experience, to develop a brand, the company should accompany the shop owners. To go far, you can’t go alone, you always need the companionship of the whole team, “Ms. Yen said

Not only bringing good products to customers, Ms. Yen said that at the time of the COVID-19 epidemic in the area, she and Nutricare milk company also accompanied and supported difficult situations in the area.

Accompanied with Ms. Yen’s store for more than 7 years, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy (born in 1988, sales consultant at Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company) shared, during the sales process, she witnessed many stories.

For Ms. Thuy, the best memory is that recently, there was a customer who always used imported milk of a foreign brand for her children to drink. Then, thanks to Ms. Thuy’s introduction, she learned about Smarta Grow products that help increase height, developing brains, and aid digestion. Then she bought Smarta Grow for her children. 2 days after that, she found that her child digested better, so he decided to keep using it

“Since then, for the past six months, this customer has been buying the company’s products regularly. As a salesperson, when I see that customers trust the brand, I am very happy because I understand that my products are really good” said Thuy cheerfully.

Talking about her way of selling, Ms. Thuy said that she always captures the smallest things, listen to each opinion, and answers all questions for customers interested in the company’s product line to build trust for customers.


Ms. Yen and Ms. Thuy advise and sell to customers at the store

For further sharing, Ms. Thuy said that she has worked in many places, but she feels most satisfied when working at Nutricare, the company has good benefits, cares for employees, and always follows up to help in all aspects.

Our conversation with Ms. Yen and Ms. Thuy was interrupted when a group of workers came home from work and went to Ms. Yen’s shop to buy milk for their children. As usual, Ms. Yen and the staff at the store thoughtfully advised customers about the quality of Nutricare dairy products to serve everyone with better health and conditions.

Nhu Hoa Store – Nutricare ambassador store in Hoa Vang, Da Nang

Address: An Ngai Dong village, Hoa Son commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang

Hotline: 0901021982

Nutricare is a leading research and manufacturing company of nutritional and medical nutrition products in Vietnam. Established in 2010 by nutrition scientists with the mission of providing comprehensive nutritional solutions for Vietnamese people of all ages: From pregnant mothers to babies, growing up, adults and elderly. In particular, Nutricare takes the lead in researching and launching medical nutrition products that have achieved many achievements, especially nutrition therapy for cancer, liver, kidney, diabetes patients, etc

Website: https://nutricare.com.vn/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nutricare.thuonghieuquocgia



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