320g, 400g, 900g

  • HELP REDUCES HP bacteriophages:   The content of Pylopass in 3 cups significantly reduces the amount of HP bacteria after only 2 weeks of use.
    HELP REDUCES Stomach and Duodenal Ulcers: Nano Curcumin is extracted from fresh turmeric, clinically proven to help heal wounds quickly and reduce inflammation.
    Relieves Digestive Disorders:  1.3 billion beneficial bacteria to help reduce digestive disorders 5 types of Nucleotides to help strengthen intestinal immunity Lactose-free to help reduce discomfort and diarrhea in people who are lactose intolerant
    NUTRITION RECOVERY HEALTH:  Protein supplement with 27 kinds of Vitamins & minerals along with Calcium, Vitamin D3 to help restore health after illness.
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Essential nutrients are a comprehensive, vitamins and minerals supplement that maintain and improve health for people with gastric ulcers, digestive disorders, digestive support and nutrient uptake.


Paper box 320g, 24 boxes/carton.
400g tin can, 24 cans/carton.
900g tin can, 12 cans/carton.



Ingredients  Unit Per 100 g Per serving/(220 ml)
Năng lượng/Energy kcal 420 210
Đạm/Protein g 16.5 8.25
Chất béo/Fat g 12 6
Bột đường/Carbohydrate g 64 32
Chất xơ /Prebiotics g 4 2
Curcumin mg 350 175
Nucleotides mg 39.6 19.8
Men vi sinh cfu 1.37 x 109 6.83 x 108
L.reuteri (PylopassTM) cfu 1.30 x 1010 6.50 x 109
Vitamin A µg 343 172
Vitamin D3 µg 7.15 3.58
Vitamin E mg 8.81 4.4
Vitamin K1 µg 40.7 20.4
Vitamin C mg 200 100
Vitamin B1 µg 1016 508
Vitamin B2 µg 658 329


Ingredients Unit Per 100 g Per serving
Niacin µg 6946 3473
Axit pantothenic/Pantothenic acid µg 3303 1652
Vitamin B6 µg 993 496
Axit folic/Folic acid µg 166 82.8
Vitamin B12 µg 1.17 0.58
Biotin µg 13.3 6.64
Khoáng chất/Minerals
Natri/Sodium mg 209 104
Kali/Potassium mg 630 315
Clo/Chloride mg 7.31 3.66
Canxi/Calcium mg 454 227
Phốt pho/Phosphorus mg 412 206
Magiê/Magnesium mg 95 47.5
Sắt/Iron mg 9.73 4.87
Kẽm/Zinc mg 9.32 4.66
Mangan/Manganese µg 650 325
Đồng/Copper µg 182 90.8
I-ốt/Iodine µg 112 55.9
Selen/Selenium µg 14.7 7.34
Crôm/Chromium µg 5.87 2.93
Molypden/Molybdenum µg 8.53 4.26

Wash your hands with soap and water.

All utensils must be cleaned and boiled for 2 minutes.

Boil the water for 5 minutes, then let it cool of to lukewarm (approximately 45 – 50o C).

+ To prepare one serving 220 ml: Gradually mix 5 level tablespoons (approximately 50 g) of Nutricare Gastro to 180 ml warm water (45 – 50oC), stir well until the powder is completely dissolved.

Finish using Nutricare Gastro reconstituted feeding 3 hours after preparation.

Use 2 – 3 servings per day or following a physician’s or nutritionist’s recommendtions.

01 Question 1: Can pregnant and lactating women use it?

Nutricare Gastro is safe to use and very safe for pregnant and lactating women. With the biological active ingredient Pylopass, which helps eliminate HP bacteria by biological mechanism, it has been proven safe and widely used in 50 countries around the world.

02 Question 2: Can the product cure HP completely?

With the content of the biological active ingredient Pylopass in 3 cups of Nutricare Gastro milk, it has been shown to reduce HP bacteria after 2 weeks of use. However, the characteristic of HP bacteria is easy to reproduce and spread through food. To completely treat HP bacteria, you should eat hygienically, do not eat together and rest properly, do not work too hard.

03 Question 3: When is the most effective product to use?

Nutricare Gastro is used as a complete snack, you can use it when hungry, tired, afternoon snack, before drinking alcohol, with breakfast, dinner or at work and stay up late.

04 Q4: Is the product suitable for children?

Nutricare Gastro is indicated for use in adults and children over 2 years of age with stomach and digestive problems and HP infection. The product is safe to use for children over 2 years old.

05 Can I use this product while taking other antibiotics?

Nutricare Gastro helps to support the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. Combined with antibiotics according to the doctor's regimen to help repel HP, reduce the risk of re-infection with common HP bacteria. In addition, the product also provides complete nutrition with 23 vitamins and minerals to help patients recover from a strict diet during treatment.