Which medical nutrition is specific for each of your diseases?

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We can not apply the same diet for different diseases! Over millions of years of formation and development, the distinctness and uniqueness of each individual human have created a rich and diverse society as it is today.

Everyone is born with a different body shape and personality; no one is the same, even the state of health. If all diseases were on the same diet, there would probably be no need for separate tests, diagnoses, and prescriptions for everyone.

Deeply understanding that Nutricare has researched and successfully launched the NUTRICARE LEANPRO product line with the desire that each Vietnamese person will enjoy an intensive and separate nutrition regimen according to each medical condition such as thyroid gland, cancer, before & after surgery, or people who need dietary Iodine…

LeanPro Thyro – Nutrition for Thyroid Health

For people with hypothyroidism due to disease or after surgery, thyroidectomy needs a separate diet, which plays an important role in promoting the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. Pioneering in research, LeanPro Thyro helps promote thyroid health for patients by 4 mechanisms:

 Regulate thyroid hormone activity

👉 The product helps to provide micronutrients of Iodine, Selenium with appropriate levels, thereby stimulating the activity of thyroid hormones and regulating the abnormal activity of the thyroid gland.

👉 Simultaneously, the use of Omega 3 fish oil rich in EPA, DHA and Nano Curcumin has the effect of supporting anti-inflammatory, preventing inflammation from spreading and antioxidant during the treatment of thyroid disorders.

 Supplement calcium, prevent osteoporosis, good for the heart

👉 Provides high levels of Calcium, Vitamin B3 and Magnesium and Phosphorus to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis in hypothyroid patients.

👉 At the same time, adding 2 types of unsaturated fats MUFA and PUFA help reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, good for the heart and blood pressure.

 Health recovery

👉 With nutritional protein from almonds and oats, full of vitamins and minerals to help supplement nutrition for patients.

👉 Combining precious protein Lactium with a duo of Magnesium – Vitamin B6 is scientifically proven to help reduce stress and fatigue, creating natural physiological sleep.

👉 LeanPro Thyro is the pioneer product containing the exclusive SLIM CARE™ system, low in calories, helping to lose fat with nutritious protein sources from almonds and oats, and a system of dietary carbohydrates: Palatinose, Maltitol, Isomalt, helping to control weight gain, especially in patients outside of treatment.

👉 Combining precious protein Lactium with a duo of Magnesium – Vitamin B6 is scientifically proven to help reduce stress and fatigue, creating natural physiological sleep.

 Easy to digest and absorb

👉 The product provides soluble fiber that meets 100% of the recommendations of the National Institute of Nutrition* for patients with hypothyroidism, helps increase beneficial bacteria, and avoids constipation.

👉 Especially, supplementing Iron, Folic Acid helps reduce anemia for patients.

LeanPro Thyro LID –  Specialized nutrition for Iodine diet

According to the American Thyroid Association, Low Iodine Diet is a special diet for people preparing to receive radioactive iodine during thyroid cancer testing and treatment. Due to the fact that patients often go on a strict diet, leading to nutritional deficiencies, Nutricare pioneered the invention of LeanPro Thyro Lid specifically for this diet with outstanding advantages:

 Abstain from Iodine

Iodine content is reduced by up to 99% compared to other conventional dairy products, meeting the American Thyroid Association’s recommendation for dietary iodine for thyroid patients.

 Improving health status

👉 Full and balanced nutrition, especially using precious protein sources from Almonds, Oats and 23 essential vitamins and minerals, compensates for the nutrition caused by a strict diet process.

✅ Helps reduce inflammation

👉 The combination of Omega 3 fish oil rich in EPA, DHA and Nano Curcumin essence with Antioxidants system (Vitamins A, C, E & Selenium) helps to recover quickly, reduce inflammation after surgery and support the next treatment process. 

 High content of calcium, reduce fatigue

👉 High calcium content meets 100% of the recommended needs* with Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Phosphorus to help prevent hypocalcemia, prevent osteoporosis.

👉 Unique with precious protein Lactium and duo Mg – B6 scientifically proven to reduce fatigue, improve sleep quality.

LeanPro Hope – Medical nutrition for cancer patients suffer from wear and tear

Weight loss due to wear and tear during chemotherapy and radiation therapy is a major cause of cancer patients not responding well to treatment. To help patients recover, fight weight loss, and wear-and-tear during treatment, Nutricare brings LeanPro Hope – Specialized medical nutrition for cancer patients with the following benefits:

 Weight recovery, against wear-and-tear

👉 With a high-energy nutritional formula (1.25kcal/ml), rich in Whey protein, especially supplemented with essential amino acids Arginine and BCAAs, LeanPro Hope helps restore health and increase muscle mass synthesis. At the same time, it combines EPA from Omega3 fish oil to help improve the condition, help the patient eat better, maintain and gain weight.

Support to reduce inflammation, improve skeletal and joint system

👉 The product is specially added with Nano Curcumin to help reduce inflammation in the blood and muscle tissues, combined with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, Zinc, Copper to help heal wounds after surgery.
👉 Provides Calcium & Calcium D3 with Magnesium, Phosphorus to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, improve bone and joint function, ensure the maintenance and increase mobility for sick people

✅ Boost immunity, reduce stress

👉 Using the unique active ingredient Fucoidan – a precious nutrient extracted from marine algae, clinically proven to help prevent the growth of cancer cells, and improve immune system health. Along with that, the Antioxidant system (Vitamins A, C, E & Se) helps to fight oxidation, reduce stress and fatigue.

 Easy to digest, improve appetite

👉 Supplementing with 100% soluble fiber (FOS/Inulin) and 5 types of Nucleotides, combined with easily absorbed MCT fats, LeanPro Thyro Hope helps to heal intestinal microvilli, support better digestion and absorption. The product especially does not contain Lactose, does not cause discomfort and diarrhea in people with lactose intolerance.

LeanPro 10+ Specialized nutrition before & after surgery

Before and after surgery, patients most need a protein-rich diet to help restore health, reduce complications and quickly heal the incision. In order to build a diet menu that meets these requirements correctly, patients will face many difficulties. With the desire to bring the most convenient and nutritious source of nutrition to patients, Nutricare is proud to introduce LeanPro 10+ with 4 preeminent capabilities:

 Restore nutrition, heal wounds quickly

👉 As a high-energy product, rich in outstanding Protein, 1 cup of LeanPro 10+ standard portion provides up to 12.5g of Protein, especially supplemented with important amino acids Arginine, BCAA, good for surgery, helping to restore health, muscle mass regeneration.

👉 Supplementing with Calcium & Vitamin D helps to strengthen bones, the ratio of Calcium / Phosphorus meets the standards recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition, a variety of Iron, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, helping to heal wounds quickly.

 Boost immunity, reduce stress

👉 Using exclusive IMMU PRO™ system with precious protein Lactium naturally extracted from milk, combined with Magnesium – B6 scientifically proven to help reduce stress, fatigue, and insomnia.

👉 With dual nutrients Omega 3 – Synbiotic to help reduce inflammation, help strengthen the immune system.

 Easy to digest and delicious

👉 Breakthrough with 1 billion Probiotic bacteria (in 100g of powder) and 100% FOS soluble fiber to help nourish beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal tract, support healthy digestion, patients will absorb well and eat better.

👉 Especially, the product does not contain Lactose to help reduce discomfort and diarrhea in people who are lactose intolerant when they do not drink regular dairy products.

 Good for the heart

👉 Supplementing with plant-based Olive oil helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, along with the gold ratio of Omega 3 / Omega 6 reaching the standard 1/4 which is clinically proven to be good for the heart.

Until now, NUTRICARE LEANPRO has been trusted in more than 300 hospitals and medical facilities nationwide and is increasingly proving to be the leading source of quality and convenient nutrition recommended by doctors for patients!


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