Top 3 domestic milk products for health-boosting recommended by experts

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Being a domestic dairy brand, but these products are produced on modern technology lines with the same quality as imported milk. Not to mention, domestic dairy brands also actively “localize” their products to be appropriate to the health status and the taste of Vietnamese consumers. Let’s have a look at 3 domestic dairy products on the market today that are highly appreciated and recommended by experts.

Nutricare Gold – Supplement HMB to protects muscle mass for people aged 30 years

Mentioning the top 3 health-promoting domestic dairy products recommended by experts, Nutricare Gold must be first name on the list.

As a product of Nutricare – Vietnam National Brand, Nutricare Gold nutritional formula was researched by leading nutrition scientists  to suit the state of Vietnamese people. This is also a plus point that helps Nutricare Gold to be trusted by many consumers and recommended by experts.


Nutricare Gold possesses a nutritional formula formulated to suit the state of Vietnamese people

Possessing advantages that distinguish it from all other domestic dairy products, Nutricare Gold is considered to be good for muscles and bones thanks to the 50% extra calcium and HMB supplementation. This is the “golden nutrient” that helps protect, nurture and regenerate muscle mass for people aged 30 years old. At the same time, this product is also good for the heart, boosts immunity, improves sleep, and is easy to digest thanks to a special nutritional formula researched by experts.

With outstanding advantages, Nutricare Gold is a comprehensive source of nutrition, suitable for both adults and children over 10 years old, the elderly who have poor digestion and difficulty with chewing and swallowing, those in the period of convalescence, before and after surgery, and people in need of nutritional rehabilitation.

Nutricare Gold products are packaged in tin 400g and 900g with price from 250,000 – 480,000 VND / can. Besides, there is also 180ml pre-made milk that is convenient for users, ensuring food safety and hygiene according to the standards of the Ministry of Health with the price of 18,000 VND / box.

Products are now widely sold in retail stores across the country. Consumers can also contact hotline: 1800.6011 (free of charge) or website: for advice on purchasing.

Sure Prevent Gold – Improves overall health for the elderly

Sure Prevent Gold from Vinamilk brand is also a product recommended by nutritionists thanks to its effectiveness in enhancing overall health for the elderly.

The biggest advantage of Sure Prevent Gold is that there are many nutrients such as Glucoraphanin, Collagen, Omega 3 – DHA … imported 100% from the United States, Korea, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.


In addition, the new-formula Sure Prevent Gold adds hydrolyzed Collagen for strong bones and joints with Omega 3 – DHA to support cardiovascular health. Other nutrients in Sure Prevent Gold such as vitamins B, A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium also help to enhance resistance; SPS and Choline support memory, reducing the risk of cognitive decline and dementia in the elderly.


Sure Prevent Gold from Vinamilk brand

Sure Prevent Gold is a nutritional supplement to the diet, suitable for adults, people with poor diet, lactose allergy and patients who need a quick recovery.

This product is also packaged tin cans with prices from 245,000 – 446,000 VND for 400gr and 900gr cans, bottled ready-to-drink milk costs about 25,300 VND / 200ml bottle.

Consumers can buy Sure Prevent Gold directly at Vinamilk stores nationwide.

EnPlus Gold – Supplement product from NutiFood

The third on the list, NutiFood’s EnPlus Gold is also a popular prestigious product in the market.

The advantage of EnPlus Gold is that it owns an innovative Nutrition Gold formula researched and developed by nutritionists from NutiFood according to WHO / FAO nutrition standards. Including: Choline helps limit and improve dementia diseases; MUFA, PUFA help to limit the risk of cardiovascular disease; Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D3 help keep bones strong; FOS / Inulin to support a healthy intestinal system, prevent constipation; B vitamins, folic acid, iron, zinc, magnesium and selenium to enhance the resistance.


EnPlus Gold – Supplement product from NutiFood

Just like Sure Prevent Gold, EnPlus Gold’s main customers are also adults with poor diets or require nutritional enhancement, people who need rapid recovery, lactose allergies, and the elderly.

NutiFood’s EnPlus Gold currently has a line of 400g and 900g tinned milk powder with prices of about VND 250,000 – 525,000 / can, respectively.

With the ceaseless efforts and innovations, the above-mentioned Vietnamese domestic dairy products have affirmed their quality and won the hearts of the majority of consumers, becoming the perfect choice to improve health and live a dynamic life at any age. 


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