Top 3 Colostrum with high levels of Igg antibodies to help increase the resistance for the child and the whole family

Rate this post To protect health during the epidemic season, many mothers turn to formula products containing IgG to help increase resistance. So which product is the best choice for mommies?


It is scientifically proven that the mother’s colostrum contains a high rate of antibodies IgG (Immunoglobulin G), which is very important for babies within 72 hours after birth. However, IgG in breast milk will gradually decrease and disappear when the baby is about 6 months of age.

Therefore, many mothers consider formula product lines containing IgG ingredients to help children strengthen their resistance. Currently, the Vietnamese market has 3 formula product lines containing high levels of IgG antibodies: ColosBaby (VitaDairy), Colostrum (Nutifood) and ColosCare (Nutricare).

1.ColosCare | IgG content @ 1,200mg


Nutricare’s ColosCare colostrum has a range of products for both children and adults

In order to provide a nutritional solution that helps to strengthen the natural immune system, Nutricare’s experts have diligently studied ColosCare formula colostrum. With 1,200mg IgG content imported from the US, ColosCare is leading the colostrum market for this antibody component.

In addition to supplementing the IgG antibody content, ColosCare also has a set of 3 immune-boosting nutrients and many vitamins and minerals to help build a balanced diet such as HMO 2’FL (for intestinal immunity). , Lactoferrin (limits the penetration of pathogenic bacteria and viruses), Beta-Glucan 1.3 / 1.6 (improves respiratory health). 

With high levels of IgG and immune-boosting nutrients, ColosCare is a colostrum formula suitable for all stages of development of children. Other vitamins and minerals are also carefully calculated to ensure a balanced diet for children.

Especially, ColosCare has 3 products that help strengthen the immune system for all ages: ColosCare powder milk and ColosCare + convenient formula for children under 10 years old; ColosCare Adult formula for children from 10 years old and adults. For both children and adults, mothers can use ColosCare to protect the whole family’s health during the epidemic season.

“The immune system is like an armor that helps the body proactively prevent external pathogens,” says Nutricare’s nutritionist. With just 2 glasses of ColosCare milk a day, mothers can meet 100% of the recommended needs and protect the health of the whole family.

Products are now widely sold in retail stores across the country. Consumers can also contact the hotline: 1800.6011 (toll-free) or website: for sale advice.

2.Colostrum | IgG content @ 1050mg


Nutifood’s Colostrum product

Riso OptiGold Colostrum nutrition product supplemented with 2’-FL HMO and natural IgG antibody with colostrum imported from the USA. This line of Nutifood formula products has an IgG 1050mg content.

Thanks to the addition of high content of IgG antibodies from colostrum, Colostrum helps children to strengthen the immune system. Combined with vitamins and other essential nutrients, the product enhances the resistance and avoids infections that keep children healthy.

The component 2’-FL HMO is prebiotic with a similar structure to that found in breast milk. With the synbiotics system to help strengthen the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, the product helps the digestive system to be healthy and prevents constipation.

This line of formulated colostrum products is for babies only.

3.ColosBaby | IgG content @ 1000mg


VitaDairy’s ColosBaby product

ColosBaby colostrum helps babies to have strong immunity to build a foundation for physical and mental development. The IgG antibody content in ColosBaby of VitaDairy is 1000mg.

In addition to IgG, ColosBaby also provides essential nutrients such as zinc, selenium, vitamins and minerals. Products provide DHA, Choline, Vitamin A to help improve and develop brain, vision and increase children’s learning ability.

With formula ColosIgG 24h, ColosBaby helps children strengthen immunity and decrease mild illness. Besides, ColosBaby also works to develop height thanks to the components calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

This formulated colostrum product line is for babies only.


With a weak and immature immune system, young children are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. In the increasingly complicated epidemic situation, resistance-strengthening nutrition becomes more and more important to protect your baby’s health. However, mothers also do not forget to strengthen the immunity of adults to make the whole family healthy!


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