The success story of the owner who opened a chain of 8 mom and baby stores in 5 years in Ben Tre

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Before starting his business as the owner of a chain of stores specializing in mom and baby supplies, little did they know that Mai Quoc Dung worked in a completely different field – technical engineering 

In Ben Tre, Jerry Quoc Dung’s mother and baby supermarket chain are renowned for having many good and diverse products, attentive customer service and always having the most attractive after-sales programs. Jerry was chosen as the name for Mr. Dung’s supermarket chain, simply because his children like this cute and smart cartoon mouse.

Well-structured business strategies

Born in 1986, Mr. Quoc Dung graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE), majoring in engineering technology. After graduating from university, he had the opportunity to work for many corporations in manufacturing. Years of working as an employee at large companies have given him the knowledge base to choose and evaluate good products for customers.

Mr. Dung and his wife opened their first shop after they had a child in 2016. At first, it was just a small shop with an area of ​​40m2 with simple products for mothers and babies. By 2017, Mr. Dung and his wife started selling diapers and milk. In 2018, he expanded the store to a larger scale, thinking of further development to serve more customers. Continuously from 2019 – 2020, he opens 2 stores each year. By 2021, Mr. Dung has a total of 8 stores.

However, in the early stages of entering the business, Mr. Dung faced many difficulties in all stages from deciding on investment strategy, store model, goods management and supervision, to staff training, building new stores, system standards…


Mr. Dung personally guides and trains employees in the store

But, the most difficult and critical success criterion – that is the assessment to choose good products, reputable brands for the store. According to Mr. Dung: “The market has a lot of products, so choosing the products forJerry store chain is very important. Who could be the partner, the size of the manufacturer? What is the history of the product supplier? I also have to choose the sustainability factor of products on the market, especially milk. Because there are many milk labels that only work for a while, then the manufacturer breaks the supply and distribution system, so it cancels, affecting the reputation of the store. In addition to the size of the partner, there is also the human element that takes care of that product.

Choosing the reputable manufacturer

As a business owner and a father with young children, Mr. Dung understands milk is an essential product, so choosing a good milk line to provide to customers in the long-term is extremely important. And Nutricare came to him as an opportunity in this discovery process.

Dung recalled: “Previously, my store sold newborn clothes and did not sell milk, because at that time I had no knowledge of the dairy industry and didn’t know where to start, how to choose the products, partners and suppliers. In 2017, a Nutricare’s salesmen introduced the product to me, helped me to showcase the products, and supported staff at the store, especially advising a lot of nutrition knowledge. Before choosing the product, I researched carefully about Nutricare, the factory, and the quality of Nutricare. Thanks to the support staff at the store advising consumers, they have a good experience and evaluation of the product, so sales have continuously increased month by month and year by year since then.


Anh Dung (white shirt) and staff of Nutricare

Mr Dung recalled, his customers gradually became satisfied with Nutricare because they were specifically introduced to the origin, technology, advantages as well as instructions for using the product. That is the reason why customers initially decide to buy Nutricare milk for their family, but to convince them to come back for a second, third time purchase and then become loyal customers, is the quality and effectiveness of Nutricare dairy products. In addition, Nutricare also supports Jerry’s store chain with many events such as lucky draws and gift giving programs to make customers feel satisfied and attached to the brand they choose. Therefore, after 4 years of cooperation, until now, Nutricare’s products have always accounted for the largest sales in his chain of stores.


Customers at Jerry store love Nutricare’s dairy products

There are many people who look at the development of Jerry’s chain with 8 stores and nearly 100 employees, thinking that it is an act of luck, but for Mr. Dung it is “sweet fruit after difficult days”. He shared, running a business is very difficult, not just like the technical jobs he used to do. Even the habits, behavior, and consumer awareness of customers are now very developed and changed compared to the old days. But, Mr. Dung believes that the store must always try to change and upgrade to become more professional in terms of personnel as well as organizing the booth, showcasing the products to create a convenient and comfortable shopping experience for customers, but on the other hand, be strict in choosing partner’s products.

I have to choose between profit and long-term association with good partners and quality products. Regarding services, in the present time, customers’ awareness has been greatly upgraded, so I want customers to not only be satisfied but also feel happy when experiencing at my stores, “said Mr. Dung.

Looking back at the successes achieved, the young owner feels great to be accompanied by Nutricare. “Seeing the rapid development, from 2017 to now in terms of the factory scale, the diversified development of products, I am confident that the factory will develop and have more and better products to serve customers”, affirmed Mr. Dung.

Jerry store chain – Nutricare’s ambassador store in Chau Thanh, Ben Tre province.Hotline: 0971397839

Nutricare is a leading research and manufacturing company of nutritional and medical nutrition products in Vietnam. Established in 2010 by nutrition scientists with the mission of providing comprehensive nutritional solutions for Vietnamese people of all ages: From pregnant mothers to babies, growing up, adults and elderly. In particular, Nutricare takes the lead in researching and launching medical nutrition products that have achieved many achievements, especially nutrition therapy products for cancer, liver, kidney, and diabetes patients, etc.




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