The secret to make everyday a happy Children’s day

Rate this post a happy child is actually very simple and… doesn’t cost a lot of money. But this has always been a struggle for many parents.

How to make children happy, confident, and full of energy every day, let’s discover the secrets below!


Join your child in outdoor activities

People say that: “Play is a magical time for children and parents, especially when parents do not have to think about other tasks during the day and can direct all their attention to the child”.

Outdoor activities are not only a great way to build memories, create bonds within family members, but also a perfect solution for children to temporarily get away from TV screens, computers, phones. and explore the world.

Besides, playing outdoors is the most fun way for children to learn new things, promote creativity, enhance motor skills, develop comprehensive physical, connect and love nature, create social skills, thereby forming a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude.

Cultivate life skills for children every day

Life skills training is extremely important, affecting the entire growth process, including the children’s sense of happiness.


Practicing life skills is important for children’s development

No matter how talented or smart, without life skills, children will find it difficult to integrate with the surrounding environment, leading to timidity and lack of confidence. On the contrary, when equipped with life skills, children will master themselves, know how to behave properly, and find ways to respond positively to situations. Then, children will find happiness in their lives.

Parents should observe their children supplement the missing skills, as a foundation for them to conquer challenges in life.

Encourage your child to follow his passion 

There’s a piece of advice from education experts: Discover and nurture passion in your child first, then dream of success later. Because the root of their success and happiness in the future is passion so that you really know what you want and are happy with what you do.

So if you see that your child is passionate about a certain sport, enthusiastically drawing, carefully designing models or delightfully exploring nature…just remember to encourage them. 

Patiently listen to your child’s feelings every day

Everyone wants to be heard, especially young children who need to be shared. Parents should become a friend to listen to understand the mood, feelings, thoughts, and needs of the child so that he can find solid spiritual support and live happily every day.

Imagine a child’s inner world is like a book, and each parent must use their mind and heart to read to fully understand their child’s mind.

Energize to improve health and physique foundation. 

A happy child is first, a healthy one. Being healthy helps children confidently explore the world, immerse themselves in outdoor activities, boldly acquire life skills and pursue their passions.

To help children have a good health foundation, nutrition plays a very important role. And if parents are looking for an effective assistant for their children’s health and physique, Care 100 Active is the choice of experts to make their children loved and parents satisfied.


Care 100 Active brings outstanding energy to children

Care 100 Active is a nutritional drink for children from 3 years old, possessing an exclusive “5 Active” benefits and containing up to 29 nutrients, providing outstanding energy for children to be active, tall, and confident to explore the world.

The exclusive “5 Active” benefits in Care 100 Active helps children: Develop skeletal muscle, height; Strengthen resistance; Energy metabolism, stimulating appetite; Compensating for energy consumed in exercise, study and mental enhancement, reducing stress and fatigue.

29 types of nutrients in Care 100 Active, such as Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamins A, C, E, Selenium, Zinc, Lysin, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 … also support maximum energy metabolism and nutrient absorption in children.


Care 100 Active possesses the exclusive 5-Active benefits and 29 optimal nutrients

The energy of 1 serving corresponding to 180ml of Care 100 Active milk will meet 45 minutes of learning, quickly compensating for the energy consumed in movement and learning. Every day, children only need 2-3 boxes of 180ml or 3-4 boxes of 110ml to provide enough outstanding energy to help them reach their full potential whether they are studying, playing, exploring the world, or on a journey to conquer their dreams.

On the journey of discovering the world and enjoying happiness, parents please accompany Care 100 Active to energize your children to their full potential!

Parents can learn more information about the product at: 



Hotline: 1800.6011(toll-free)



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