The secret of improving the health in the epidemic period for people with thyroid disease

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Thyroid patients in particular and the elderly or those who have a disease record are the people to be cautious about during the epidemic season. Covid-19 easily attacks these people, even causing death more quickly because their body’s resistance to disease was weaker than that of a normal person.

People with disease are more vulnerable.

Actual data from WHO statistics from the time of the Covid-19 outbreak shows that the speed of epidemic spread is very complicated. As of January 29, 2021, there were 101,053,721 cases of infection and 2,182,867 deaths. At the same time, 8 out of 10 Covid-19 deaths reported in the United States were adults 65 years of age and older.

And just over a month since the announcement of the epidemic (December 31, 2019), more than 40,000 cases of infection and more than 1,000 people have died. Among them, up to 80% of patients over 60 years old, 75% of deaths have some underlying diseases.

This is considered to be a cautious information for patients who are undergoing medical treatment in general and for thyroid patients in particular.

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Thyroid disease symptoms often cause an existing “background state” in the patient’s body, such as disturbed nerve function due to decreased thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism); increased heart rate; hurt; cannot stand the heat… Many thyroid patients may experience other symptoms not mentioned.


Thyroid disease symptoms often cause an existing “background state” in the patient’s body

These states constantly occur leading to impaired immunity and resistance. This is a gap for Covid-19 to penetrate faster. The characteristic of Covid-19 virus is to live longer at high humidity and at low temperatures. Meanwhile, people with thyroid disease, especially hypothyroidism, cannot tolerate heat, sometimes adjust the low temperature at living and working places to feel comfortable, thereby making Covid-19 virus easier to live and penetrate.


Covid-19 is easy to live and penetrates into the body of people with thyroid disease

At the same time, during treatment, people with thyroid disease must abstain from iodine, leading to lack of nutrition and a weaker body.

Reinforce the health of people with thyroid disease

In addition to WHO recommendations for the whole community, people with thyroid disease should also take their own measures to preserve their body’s resistance to disease and protect themselves.

Specifically, people with thyroid disease should always wear a mask and bring dry hand sanitizer. Typically, people with thyroid disease often have to go to the hospital for periodical examination and treatment. It is unavoidable that they live in the same environment as other patients. Therefore, it is essential to change clothes and wash hands with soap after going home. Patients also need to limit access to public places if not needed.


Hand washing with soap is essential to prevent Covid-19

People with thyroid disease should limit close contact with other sick people. When the resistance is weaker than the average person, not only Covid-19 but any illness such as the common flu can cross-infect. If many diseases are retained at the same time, the body can be as dangerous as Covid-19 infection.

In addition, because Covid-19 has symptoms of pneumonia similar to the normal flu or thyroid disease, making it easy for the patient to mistake it. Therefore, people with thyroid disease need to understand and distinguish correctly what is Covid-19 and what is a thyroid disease to self-reassure themselves.

Patients should not panic before public opinion, only trust authentic sources from mainstream newspapers and major medical organizations to avoid fake news. You should also pay attention to adding health-improving nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, pay attention to calcium iodine, vitamins, and selenium, and do not forget to add nutritious foods such as Leanpro Thyro and Leanpro Thyro LiD. This helps people with thyroid disease to have a body that is resistant enough, reducing the risk of cross-infection during the epidemic season.


Refer to nutritional foods such as Leanpro Thyro milk and Leanpro Thyro LiD to help enhance the immunity and resistance for thyroid patients.

According to experts, specialized nutritional products such as Nutricare’s products both support patients to implement a nutritious diet, while helping people with thyroid disease to ensure resistance and speed up the recovery process.

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