The secret for your baby to have a healthy digestion, height improved and smart with improved Metacare Gold 2+

Rate this post – The improved Metacare Gold 2+ milk provides valuable nutrients to help improve digestion and prevent constipation, especially in the hot summer.

The hot summer can cause many children to become constipated due to dehydration or have digestive problems because of unhealthy food. Therefore, Metacare Gold 2+ has improved milk products to help babies digest well so that they grow taller and smarter.

Baby digests well, mother is relaxed!

You recently saw that the baby has become anorexic again? Baby anorexia may be due to poor appetite, making each meal a “fight” for many mothers. In addition, the baby’s digestive system is still weak because the intestinal mucosa has many wrinkles, microvilli and blood vessels, making it easy for bacteria to penetrate, causing digestive disorders. Therefore, the baby is prone to diseases such as diarrhea, constipation, food poisoning, which makes the baby anorexic because the body is tired.

Understanding mother’s worries, improved Metacare Gold 2+ helps babies digest better with HMO (2′-FL), soluble fiber from chicory and probiotics to help prevent constipation. The product also adds whey protein for easy absorption and Nucleotides to promote digestive function of children.


Improved Metacare Gold 2+ helps your baby’s digestive system be healthier

In addition, Metacare Gold 2+ also has a duo of Lysine and Zinc to help children eat well to provide adequate nutrition as recommended by the Ministry of Health. Only when the baby eats and digests well will he grow tall and smart by absorbing nutrients. So mom is free because she doesn’t have to be so “intense” with each of her child’s meals anymore!

Child grows tall, mother throws the burden away!

According to Vietnamese standards, a newborn baby has a height of 48 to 52 cm. In the first year, the baby grows about 20 to 25 cm, about 12 by the second year, about 10 cm in the third year and 7cm in the fourth year. From 4 to 11 years old, children grow an average of 6cm per year. However, some babies may be slower to grow in height and stunted in comparison with the standard.

Although a mother just needs a healthy baby, it is sometimes heartbreaking when her child is shorter and underweight than other children of the same age. Weight and height depends partly on genetic factors from parents, the rest depends on nutrition, especially the first 1000 days (from pregnancy to 24 months of age).

One of the most common causes of stunting in children is nutrition deficit or poor absorption of nutrients. Therefore, many mothers have “thrown away their worries” thanks to the Metacare Gold 2+ nutritional solution that provides energy and protein to help gain weight. In particular, organic calcium from seaweed and Vitamin D3 to help children grow taller and Vitamin K2 to help absorb calcium from the blood into bones to help them become stronger.


The trio of Calcium, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 help your baby grow taller every day

Smart baby, proud mother

At the age of learning to talk, babies can melt your heart with the chirping sounds when they babble. Babies can surprise their mothers with thousands of “why” questions. Please provide good nutrients for the baby’s brain, mom will always be surprised when the baby is curious to explore the world around. The more intelligent the baby, the more proud the mother is of “my own child” every time she comes to class.

To develop the baby’s brain, Metacare Gold 2+ has a duo of DHA and Choline, together with Folic Acid to help increase children’s memory. In addition, the product also has colostrum, Zinc and Selenium to help strengthen immunity so that your baby is not only smart but also has better resistance.


Abundant nutrients from Metacare Gold 2+ help your child to be smart and active

Every day, children only need 2-3 glasses of Metacare Gold 2+ milk to be fully provided with nutrients to help them eat well, digest well, grow tall and smart. Instead of having to process elaborate food, you can immediately make a glass of milk for your child to make a delicious and nutritious snack!

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