The secret for strong bones and flexible joints with Nutricare Bone

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Nutricare Bone milk provides a nutritional solution to help improve bone health, especially for the elderly at high risk of osteoporosis.


Osteoporosis can be roughly understood as “porous bone”. This is a disease that makes the skeleton so fragile that even a fall or light impact on furniture can cause a fracture. Any part of the skeleton can be broken, but the most common are wrist, hip, and spine fractures.

Bone flexibility is an important goal at all ages, especially in the post-middle period when the risk of osteoporosis is increasing. For the elderly, taking care of bones and joints not only means to help protect health but also to improve the quality of life when enjoying old age.

Why do the elderly need to take care of their bones and joints?

After the age of 50, bone breakdown and bone loss occur faster than bone formation. Women have a higher risk of osteoporosis than men because women’s bones are usually smaller and less dense than men’s bones. The risk of osteoporosis increases at menopause, when levels of bone-strengthening estrogen drop.

However, men are also at risk of osteoporosis if they do not take care of their joints early. A family with osteoporosis-related fractures records also increases the prevalence of osteoporosis for both sexes.

Osteoporosis, bone pain and fractures reduce the quality of life of the elderly. Pain and health risks can make elderly bedridden and dependent on family members. This also affects psychology when we do not want to become a burden on the family ourselves.

 width=Osteoporosis, bone pain and fractures reduce quality of life

To have a flexible bone and joint system, the elderly need a scientific diet, but this takes time to accumulate. Elderly people taking care of bones and joints is like accumulating a “pension” from a young age, the earlier you start, the more resilient bones and joints will be.

The secret to making bones and joints supple with Nutricare Bone

In addition to periodic osteoporosis check and regular exercise, adults need nutritional supplements with foods rich in Calcium, K2, Glucosamine… Many experts advise that Nutricare Bone is a specialized nutritional solution. Especially helps bones and joints become more flexible and prevents osteoporosis in the elderly. 

Nutricare Bone milk is rich in Nano calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 to help transport and increase the density of calcium attached to the skeleton, making bones stronger. In particular, the product also has hydrolyzed collagen type II and Glucosamine to help reduce joint pain, increase mobility and flexibility of joint cartilage.

Research shows that Glucosamine is effective in reducing joint pain, especially in people with osteoarthritis. Glucosamine in combination with Chondroitin (a compound also found in cartilage) can be as effective as drugs for osteoarthritis. For people who don’t respond well to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Glucosamine supplements can be a safe and effective way to relieve symptoms of arthritis.

 width=Nutricare Bone is a specialized nutritional solution to help keep bones and joints supple and prevent osteoporosis

As recommended by nutritionists, you can use 2-3 glasses of Nutricare Bone milk per day in combination with foods that are good for bones and joints such as cereals, nuts, vegetables… For healthy bones and joints elderly people need to invest in daily nutrition combined with exercise habits such as jogging, yoga…

Nutricare Bone not only helps to strengthen bones and joints but also improves health to help elderly people to fully enjoy life. Moreover, healthy bones and joints can make you “younger” when you can do things you want just like when you are still “young”!

Nutricare Bone milk is a nutritional supplement for adults and children over 10 years old; people with osteoporosis, at risk of reduced bone density; people who play sports and heavy physical activities need to support bone and joint function. Products help bones and joints strong and supple, while protecting the heart and promoting health. 

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