The famous dairy shop owner in Dong Nai business with a mother’s heart

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Starting a dairy business from zero, Ms. Tuyen with all her mother’s kind heart has built Phuoc Thai milk shop to become a reliable and prestigious destination for many families in Long Thanh – Dong Nai province

Start from zero

Leaving her homeland in the west side, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen (SN 1983) went to Dong Nai to make a living and get married, living in Long Thanh district.

Before being the owner of Phuoc Thai milk store, she worked for many years in the decoration segment of a ceramic tile company in the area. Pregnant with her second daughter and giving birth, she devoted all her time to taking care of two children.

Spending a lot of time with her children, when she returned to work, the young mother’s working position was replaced by someone else. “At that time, the baby’s health was not very good. Therefore, I decided to take a break from work and stay at home to take care of my children“, Ms. Tuyen shared.

The problem at this time that becomes more and more serious with the young mother is how to stay at home and still have an income source to have money for her living. At first, Ms. Tuyen Tinh opened a small shop, selling groceries and drinks, but then she wondered why she didn’t open a store to provide quality milk for both her children as long as many young mothers are in need.


Inside Ms. Tuyen’s Phuoc Thai milk shop

That question has always repelled the young mother’s mind. “When I buy milk, I don’t know which milk is suitable for my baby, good or not? Is that line genuine, is it suitable for babies who are picky with milk?” recalled the owner of Phuoc Thai milk shop.

She said that in 2016, there were no stores specializing in the dairy business in her neighborhood, most of them were grocery stores that also sold milk. It’s also an advantage and a disadvantage because she did not know where to start.

Till she met Nutricare

Typing the first words to search about milk, she started with the phrase “the period when the baby is anorexic and malnourished” that many mothers are looking for the answer to. Nutricare 100 plus appeared on the Google result page. Her predestined relationship with Nutricare originated there, but it was also full of ups and downs.

She herself started from zero when learning about milk. Contacting Nutricare’s business partners, the young mother started to become a distributor of dairy products for people from the end of 2016.

Ms. Tuyen confessed that the first few months the sale of the store was fairly poor, which brought her a “headache” and she rushed to find out the reason and look for a solution.

To solve this problem, in early 2017, she attended a conference of Nutricare in Da Nang City. Meeting and interacting with company leaders and many other shop owners, the female owner of Phuoc Thai milk store seemed to be given strength and confidence. So, as soon as she returned to Dong Nai, she was determined to bring quality products to consumers in the province.

After many efforts, she gained people’s trust and the sales increased. She said she was lucky to have great support from Nutricare and thanks to her own efforts, she was able to find and convince customers to trust the products. From these customers, she has built a large number of regular customers each month through stores, online sales and door-to-door delivery.

One of the “quick-wins” that shop owner Phuoc Thai has achieved since the middle of 2017 is that she’s honored as Nutricare ambassador with impressive sales, performance and development until now.

Sharing business secrets for many years as a brand ambassador of Nutricare, Ms. Tuyen said, it is a ceaseless process of pursuing and striving. Her business point of view is a milk business with a mother’s heart. Before starting a business, she will learn about products, companies, and partners.

“Product quality is not on the price tag, but in the mind of the business owner and company’s partners. And I have found harmony, the dream of providing quality milk for my family and people when distributing Nutricare’s products”, said the owner of Phuoc Thai milk store.

For each customer who comes to buy milk, she records the names of the children and asks the family for the results after they drank milk. It is her dedication that has helped Ms. Tuyen and her customers find a common voice to overcome difficulties and problems in the process of raising a child with milk.


Ms. Tuyen conscientiously advises customers on suitable nutritional products

Mixed with “achievements”, sometimes there were also “difficult cases”, it took her a lot of time to consult and persuade.

Some customers reacted when their children drank Nutricare milk for 2 months and had not “gained any weight”, with the mother’s experience, Ms. Tuyen explained carefully. Initially, she gently analyzed it for parents. This situation is common because depending on the condition of each baby, milk is not a medicine, so it takes time to absorb. If the baby does not gain weight after 2 months, the family should try to persevere for a little more time before considering changing the milk, because sometimes. It takes 4-5 months for the baby to absorb. Ms. Tuyen’s dedicated, enthusiastic and responsible advice is applied by parents. Babies gained weight and their health improved significantly after using the milk.

Besides the daily business, the owner of Phuoc Thai milk shop is also actively involved in charity works.


Ms. Tuyen actively participates in volunteering activities, sharing with difficult lives

She is the one who acts as a bridge between companies and sponsors to bring meaningful gifts to misfortune lives across the region. And her volunteering journey is always accompanied by Nutricare. Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company always supports gifts when the ambassador store informs about the difficult situations in the neighborhood.

For the past 4 years, every month, she has been regularly with the Thien Duyen group at the Ho Chi Minh City  Oncological Hospital, bringing hundreds of gifts including milk, candy… for the children. Her heart is not only shown in each of her charity trips, but also in the way she advises her customers. For her, living is helpful in both business and sharing with misfortune people.

Phuoc Thai Dairy Store – Nutricare’s Ambassador Store in Long Thanh, Dong Nai

Address: Highway 51 – Phuoc Thai – Long Thanh – Dong Nai

Hotline: 0706 60 66 68

Nutricare is a leading research and manufacturing company of nutritional and medical nutrition products in Vietnam. Established in 2010 by nutrition scientists with the mission of providing comprehensive nutritional solutions for Vietnamese people of all ages: From pregnant mothers to babies, growing up, adults and elderly. In particular, Nutricare takes the lead in researching and launching medical nutrition products that have achieved many achievements, especially for cancer, liver, kidney, diabetes patients…





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