Thai Thuy Linh and “Vietnamese love each other” support Saigon

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tienphong.vnFrom mid-July, singer Thai Thuy Linh and the charity campaign “Vietnamese love each other” entered the epidemic center in Ho Chi Minh City, donating food and essential necessities to support poor workers affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

5T Giftset to support the people of Ho Chi Minh City

The 4th wave of COVID-19 in Vietnam broke out violently in Ho Chi Minh City in July 2021. On July 18, Thai Thuy Linh decided to send her children back to Hanoi, set off to the center of the epidemic with a bold plan: Learn the reality, find solutions for voluntary activities to help poor working people, supporting the city in the fight against COVID-19.

After 3 days and nights examining the situation in 5 districts of the city, going down to the poor and isolated areas, Thai Thuy Linh immediately launched the campaign “Love Saigon”, expanding the scale of the campaign’s activities to “Vietnamese love each other”.

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“Vietnamese love each other” group to give necessities to support those who are affected by COVID-19 epidemic

During the first period of the campaign, “Vietnamese love each other” will be deployed strongly in Ho Chi Minh City – the most populous city and being heavily damaged by COVID-19. The “5T gift sets” will be hand-delivered by the volunteer group to the isolation areas, with priority given to children, the elderly (over 60 years old), pregnant women and poor residential areas in the fight against COVID-19.

Thai Thuy Linh explained, the 5T gift set of the “Vietnamese love each other” campaign was inspired by the government’s 5K anti-epidemic regulations, which means that if people want people to do 5K well, they should have 5T, which is including: 5kg of rice (Starch group); 5kg vegetables (Fiber group); 0.5 kg of dried fish (Protein group); 1 bottle of soy sauce (Dipping seasoning); 10 masks.

Goods selection can be changed as long as they meet basic groups, the important thing is that it provides enough essential needs for a poor person to last for a week without worrying about hunger, and rest assured to follow the instructions of the government. That 5T gift set, plus the contributions of volunteers organized appropriately will be very meaningful.

After 4 days of launching, “Vietnamese love each other” has received the support of hundreds of hearts across the country, with an amount of more than 300 million VND and many items such as necessities, protective gear against the epidemic…

Especially, the campaign has connected with 2 other volunteer groups (Mr. Vuong Viet Phuong’s group and the “Happy Vegetable Trip”) to optimize resources, with the goal of 10,000 gifts of food and essential necessities to support for poor workers in Saigon.

60,000 glasses of milk to enhance nutrition for people during the epidemic season

In the campaign “Vietnamese love each other”, Thai Thuy Linh received support and companionship from many benefactors and businesses. In particular, the “enormous gift” from Nutricare made Thai Thuy Linh feel extremely happy.

On the afternoon of July 19, knowing that singer Thai Thuy Linh was working on the project “Love Saigon”, Nutricare immediately contacted and exchanged with the female singer to support the people in the South. Within 24 hours, Nutricare promptly sent a notice to the southern departments to urgently arrange and transport the milk cartons to the warehouse in Go Vap District, HCMC.


“I will do the best and fastest, with a mother’s heart,” Thai Thuy Linh shared when receiving a special gift of nutrition products for children in the epidemic center.

Mr. Bui Khanh Tung – Deputy General Director of Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company, said: “As soon as I heard the news that artist Thai Thuy Linh called on the community and businesses to support the campaign “Vietnamese love each other” with food and essential necessities for compatriots in isolated areas such as rice, dried fish, milk for babies and the elderly… we have contacted the volunteer group and sent 60,000 glasses of milk to support the people.”

Acknowledging that in the period when Ho Chi Minh City is under social – distancing, people will be lack of food, especially children who are in the growing age, liquid milk and powdered milk products will be essential in providing nutrients for babies, supporting their digestive and immune systems, helping them develop well even in difficult times. All cases are cross-verified by local people and officials, ensuring that the right people are helped the most

“Receiving milk was like a “journey to the West” to me, the roads were blocked in all directions, three of us lost a few times to reach the warehouse. I don’t know what to say to thank you all, because 60,000 glasses of milk right now is such a huge gift that thousands of needy families are looking forward to.” – Thai Thuy Linh wrote on her personal page.

Thai Thuy Linh and her associates hope that, in the long run, they can develop the campaign into a network of “Vietnamese love each other” across the country, not only “Love Saigon” but also “Love Hanoi”, “Love Bac Giang” and all over the country where our compatriots unfortunately fell into extreme poverty because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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