Revealing the secret nutrition for pregnant mothers to be worry-free about gestational diabetes

Rate this post – Gestational diabetes is a constant worry to many pregnant mothers. Let’s choose a suitable diet for pregnant mothers on hearty New Year cuisine to be worry-free about gestational diabetes.

How serious does gestational diabetes affect pregnant mothers and fetuses?

According to obstetricians, early detection and good control of gestational diabetes have important implications for the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

With gestational diabetes, pregnant women face risks that can be life-threatening for both mother and baby: miscarriage, weakened immune system, pre-eclampsia, infection and postpartum hemorrhage.

A mother with gestational diabetes likely inherit to her baby and increases the risk of birth defects and developmental delay; At the same time, it also causes the fetus to enlarge, leading to difficulty in giving birth normally. The baby is endangered with respiratory failure and immaturity development of the lung.

Tips for pregnant mothers to have a hearty Tet holiday, worry-free about gestational diabetes

Although gestational diabetes can have serious consequences, the good news is that more than 90% of pregnant women will be able to control the situation if they go to prenatal check-ups as directed by their doctor for early detection. According to Ms. Hoang Ngoc Lan (Master of Health Education and Behavior Change at the University of South Carolina, USA; Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics at Flinders University, Australia): “Diet intervention is still an important measure to treat and manage gestational diabetes “.

Ms. Hoang Ngoc Lan said: “Among the many delicious dishes and a loose control schedule for Tet, pregnant women still have to abide by the basic nutritional principles: Do not skip breakfast, eat on time, split up meals during the day. Meals include 3 main meals and 3 snacks, limiting carbohydrates, sugar, fat… The purpose is to ensure stable blood sugar, avoid gestational diabetes throughout the biggest and most fabulous holiday of the year – Lunar New Year”.

More specifically, experts have pointed out delicious, healthy dishes for pregnant mothers on Tet such as: Chicken, eggs, milk, seafood, nuts (almonds, chestnuts, lotus seeds, sunflower seeds, …), boiled fresh vegetables and fruits. If using milk for nutritional supplements, pregnant mothers should choose products with a low glycemic index (GI) below 55, such as Glucare Gold milk with a GI of 48, which is very safe for pregnant mothers.

 width=Milk with a low glycemic index (GI) is safe for pregnant mothers

Chung cake, jellied meat… are all traditional dishes of Tet, but with pregnant mothers, nutrition experts recommend a just-right amount. For pregnant mothers who are obese, having high blood pressure, and diabetes, all these dishes might be unsuitable for their conditions.

In general, to avoid the risk of gestational diabetes during Tet, pregnant mothers should limit foods high in fat and salt, fats of animal origin, fried foods, cholesterol-rich foods.

Finally, pregnant mothers should not “binge eating” candies, jam or drink carbonated drinks, beer, alcohol… making uncontrollable increase in blood sugar.

Glucare Gold: Safe and convenient nutrition for mothers during Lunar New Year

Glucare Gold is a product of Nutricare – National Brand of Medical Nutrition. In 2018, Glucare Gold was also recognized as a National Brand product. More specifically, the product has been clinically proven at the University of Sydney – Australia on its effectiveness for use in diabetics. With 2 glasses of Glucare Gold milk per day, the patient will be assured of a stable diet and glycemic index (GI).

Glucare Gold is not only a specialized nutritional product for people with diabetes, but also an appropriate source of nutrition for people at risk of diabetes, also known as prediabetes and gestational diabetes.

The reason that Glucare Gold can exert such outstanding effectiveness is due to the low glycemic index (GI = 48) in the formula, thanks to the use of an advanced, slow-absorbing starch system: Palatinose, Isomalt, and Maltitol are scientifically proven to help control blood sugar after use, avoid hypoglycemia long after meals.


With all its outstanding advantages, Glucare Gold is recommended by experts to develop a safe and convenient diet for mothers during Tet holiday, in order to effectively control blood sugar and prevent the risk of gestational diabetes.


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