Nutricare’s 10 years of changing Vietnamese nutritional mindset

Rate this post – Over the past 10 years, Nutricare has constantly researched and launched new milk lines, supporting Vietnamese people to enhance nutrition and improve health.

In 2020, Care 100 Plus is one of three products that help Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company for the third time in a row be honored with the “Vietnam Value – National Brand of Medical Nutrition” award by the National Brand Council. But few people know, this is the product that begins Nutricare’s 10-year journey of pursuing a specialized nutritional formula for Vietnamese people.

From a specific nutritional formula for stunted children…

In 2008, the project to support the health of the poor funded by the European Community – HEMA came to Dr. Nguyen Duc Minh, while he was working at the National Institute of Nutrition. Spending time researching, traveling to many areas across the country, Dr. Minh is one of the experts who understands the nutrition story in Vietnam.

At that time, the rate of stunting (malnutrition due to micronutrient deficiency) accounted for more than one-third of children aged 0-5 in Vietnam. One of the solutions proposed by the project is nutritional intervention. Or simply, a solution to provide nutrition from a controlled, supplementary meal. Since then, high-energy milk formula – a concept that is unfamiliar to many Vietnamese people – was built.

The formula is built but cannot be executed. Nutritional intervention through a high-energy milk formula is the distinct approach of international organizations. The project encountered difficulties because it could not find a manufacturer who could produce from this recipe.

“If they encourage me, I will do it,” said Dr. Minh. In 2010, Care 100 was born, actualizing the formula for Vietnamese children, which is also the time when Nutricare was established. Initially, the product was mainly sold to the project. After that, Dr. Minh used it for his children and gave it to friends and colleagues. Just like that, Care 100 gradually became a familiar dairy product for many Vietnamese mothers.


Over the past 10 years, Nutricare has always been consistent with the journey of serving nutrition for Vietnamese people.

… to products for people with osteoporosis

According to a representative of Nutricare, Vietnam’s population is nearly 100 million people; if we focus on producing milk for only a certain group of people, the brand is still well-grow. However, with the motto “Care for nutrition – Nutricare means to meet the demand of whoever has nutritional needs”, our scientists always try to fill the nutritional gap of Vietnamese people with quality products.

According to statistics of the Ho Chi Minh City Osteoporosis Association, an estimated 2.8 million Vietnamese people are suffering from osteoporosis. There is a common belief that people with osteoporosis can improve the disease by eating shrimp shells or shells of crustaceans to supplement calcium. But in fact, these foods contain chitosan, chitin, which are different from the human bone structure.

Furthermore, osteoporosis is a collection of problems with the absorption, metabolism, formation, and destruction of bone cells. Therefore, to improve osteoporosis, besides calcium, it is necessary to combine many other micronutrients.

In 2012, the product for osteoporosis people Nutricare Bone was born. Instead of trying to add calcium alone, scientists have chosen to combine many types of micronutrients, helping to increase the efficiency of absorption and metabolism of chemicals properly and enough for the body.

Each body type has different nutritional needs. Nutritional care should be correct and sufficient throughout the life cycle, depending on the child, the elderly or the adult. Nutricare Bone and nearly 50 products in Nutricare’s catalog were born from that perspective.


Lifecycle nutrition care is the goal that Dr. Nguyen Duc Minh and Nutricare have pursued for more than 10 years.

In 2019, Nutricare planned to build a second factory in Bac Ninh. The dry nutritional content of Nutricare liquid milk lines is over 20%, even up to 24%. This is a higher level of nutritional content than the average in the market. Due to this medical peculiarity, the production system of this factory was specially designed and researched by Tetra Pak.


Nutricare staff clearly understand the machine they control to produce highly nutritious dairy products.

Production was difficult, selling products also faced many challenges. “There are nutritional supplements for specific niche disease groups, which sell only a few boxes a month, and the output is very low. However, the fact is that I do not choose a business product or service, but aim to serve the needs of users to create value,” said Dr. Minh.


Over the past 10 years, Nutricare has always focused on developing to serve the community.

Community service and circumspection in nutrition research are what Nutricare has emphasized in every decision over the past 10 years. We are grateful that Nutricare has just been honored in “Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam”, voted by Vietnam Report. Up to now, the brand’s products have appeared at agents and stores nationwide, helping millions of Vietnamese people eat healthier and sleep better.


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