Nutricare was honored at Hanoi key industrial products 2023

Rate this post – Nutricare’s ColosCare brand was honored at the award ceremony of “Hanoi Key Industrial Product 2023”.

This is one of the programs to honor and promote typical industrial products that actively contribute to the development of the Capital.

It is known that 2023 is the 4th time Nutricare has received this award thanks to meeting the following conditions: ensuring product quality, the production process does not pollute the environment, and having a large proportion of revenue contribution in total industrial production value of Hanoi city.

Representative of Nutricare at the award ceremony of “Hanoi key industrial products 2023”.

A representative of Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company shared that the business proactively invests in a modern laboratory system and automated production lines specifically designed by Tetra Pak Group to create high quality nutritional products, increasing competitiveness in the market, and contributing to the development of the Capital.

The year 2023 is considered a turning point in Nutricare’s development journey. With the goal of contributing to the health care and improvement of millions of Vietnamese families, in July 2023, Nutricare signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute -USA. In October 2023, the two sides announced their first achievements when launching 5 new specified products such as: children with poor resistance; children with anorexia and stunting; people with diabetes; Older people in need nutritional supplements for health improvement; people with bone and joint problems.

Dr. David Clark – Director of Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA) spoke at the launching ceremony of 5 new products.

Among them, the ColosCare 24h product under the ColosCare brand is applied with the latest nutritional research, specifically for children with poor resistance, frequent illnesses and slow weight gaining, leaving many impressions on customers right on the first day of launch.

Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA and Nutricare have selected 24-hour colostrum with high IgG antibody content of 1200 mg, imported directly from the US to add to ColosCare 24-hour. IgG antibody 1200 mg is known to be the type of antibody with the highest quantity and strong immune activity in the child’s body, helping to detect harmful bacteria and viruses for immune cells to identify and destroy.

The new ColosCare 24h also contains HMO to help reduce infections in children by limiting the entry of disease-causing bacteria and viruses, supplementing 10 billion beneficial bacteria and fiber (FOS/Inullin) to support digestion, prevent constipation in children. In addition, easily absorbed protein and 56 essential nutrients, including Calcium and Vitamin D3, are also added to the nutritional ingredients table of the new ColosCare 24h, supporting weight gaining and height development for children.

The launching ceremony of the new ColosCare 24h product – “Strong resistance and weight gain for baby” received the attention of customers  

With a special nutritional formula for children with weak resistance, poor digestion and slow weight gain, the new ColosCare 24h is expected by Nutricare nutritional scientists and NMNI-USA to become a companion for families in the journey of raising children.

With outstanding product quality, the “Hanoi Key Industrial Product 2023” award is a worthy achievement for Nutricare’s contributions to the overall development of the Capital, as well as the efforts of the company in improving the health of Vietnamese people.

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