Nutricare pioneered the application of breakthrough Postbiotic technology into Metacare Opti 2+

Rate this post – The digestive system not only plays a particularly important role in energy metabolism and nutrition provision, but also affects the child’s immune system. Taking care of a healthy digestive system ensures the comprehensive growth of children, especially in the early stages of life.

The immature digestive system affects the weight and development of children 

Children need more nutrients than adults to develop, but their ability to absorb them is lower. To absorb nutrients well, the digestive system plays a major role in converting food into small sized nutrients. This process allows the child’s body easily absorb nutrients, thereby providing energy and substances necessary for healthy development.

Constipation is one of the leading digestive reasons children see their pediatrician. Especially in the first 1000 days of life, up to 30% of young children are at risk of constipation. This is a common symptom in pediatric practice, signaling that a child’s digestive system has not developed healthily with a diet lacking fiber, probiotics or lack of water.

Not only is it the organ that receives and absorbs nutrients, the digestive system can affect the immune system. According to the Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition, 70% of the immune system is located in the intestinal tract, helping to produce antibodies and participate in the process of fighting infections and preventing common respiratory and digestive diseases in children. Furthermore, the intestinal microflora acts as an immune barrier that helps prevent and destroy harmful bacteria and enhance resistance.

Breakthrough with Postbiotic probiotic technology enables a healthy digestive system and prevents constipation  

Understanding the importance of the digestive system in the early stages of a child’s life, Nutricare cooperates with the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA to pioneer the application of breakthrough scientific achievements of Postbiotic technology into products first launched in Vietnam.

According to Healthline – a medical and health information site in the US, there are more than 1,000 species of microorganisms in the human intestine and each species plays a different role. Most of them are beneficial for health, but some can cause disease. Many studies confirm that a healthy intestine is when the intestinal microflora is maintained at a balanced level with a ratio of 85% beneficial bacteria and 15% harmful bacteria. To create a good start for the child’s digestive system, allow better absorption of nutrients and strengthen immunity against disease-causing viruses and bacteria, beneficial intestinal bacteria can be enhanced early on by consuming foods rich in fiber like fruits, vegetables and many types of beans as “food” nourishes beneficial bacteria, producing a large amount of nutrients to support the digestive system function healthily.

Together with the above methods, supplementing Postbiotic probiotics helps balance the intestinal microflora and at the same time stimulates the natural immune system. It is recommended by the International Scientific Association of Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) for the safety and active usage in children.

Dr. David Clark, Director of the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA) introduced the breakthrough Postbiotic Probiotic Technology 

What are healthy Postbiotic?

Postbiotics are a new type of probiotic, their effectiveness has been scientifically proven, especially in the treatment of digestive disorders such as diarrhea. According to ISSAP, Postbiotic probiotics are “A mixture of inactivated microorganisms and their components that provide health benefits to the host”.

Dr. David Clark, Director of the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA), said that there are two advanced strains of Postbiotic probiotics that have good effects on the digestive and immune systems, including: Lbiome Postbiotic and Postbiotic Lactococcus Lactis.

Postbiotic Lbiome probiotic is recommended for use by the European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) and 50 clinical studies have proven that it helps improve intestinal health, reduce indigestion, digestive disorders in children. Outstanding benefits of Postbiotic Lbiome probiotic include:

– Prevents the invasion of pathogens thanks to the ability to compete for adhesion sites on the intestinal surface

– Helps neutralize and inhibit unwanted harmful bacteria

– Able to bind to the digestive tract mucosa to prevent the invasion of other pathogens

– Restores the natural balance of intestinal microflora

– Promotes the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract 

Unlike Probiotics, healthy Postbiotic is not required to be alive to be effective, so they have good stability. Postbiotic probiotics are used in formula nutritional products in both powdered milk and ready-to-drink milk for infants.

Metacare Opti cool milk with nutritional formula supplemented with 30 billion Postbiotic bacteria and 60 nutrients to bring children healthy digestion, weight gain, and height

Doctor Nguyen Duc Minh – General Director of Nutricare Company said that Metacare Opti Cool Milk was researched and developed by Nutricare scientists and the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA. The product possesses breakthrough Postbiotic technology, supplemented with 30 billion healthy Postbiotic bacteria (Postbiotic LBiome and Postbiotic L. Lactis probiotic systems) to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, strengthen the natural immune system, Together with HMO and fiber, it helps keep the digestive system healthy, prevents constipation and supports balance in the intestinal flora. At the same time, Colostrum 24h from the US included in the product also helps strengthen children’s resistance.

Metacare Opti – Healthy digestion, weight gain and height growth  

Metacare Opti cool milk provides 60 essential nutrients along with easily absorbed Whey Protein, Lysine, and Zinc to support energy metabolism for your baby’s healthy weight gain. Metacare Opti also supplements the trio of Calcium, Vitamin K2 and D3 to help strengthen bones and develop outstanding height.

Breakthrough Postbiotic probiotic technology was pioneered by Nutricare company in application to both powdered milk and Metacare Opti ready-to-drink milk, with an outstanding content of 30 billion Postbiotic probiotic bacteria, first launched in the Vietnamese market.

New Metacare Opti cool milk possesses breakthrough Postbiotic probiotic technology with 30 billion beneficial bacteria to give children healthy digestion, weight gain, and outstanding height

Nutricare’s desire to improve Vietnamese people’s health  

As a pioneer in the field of Medical Nutrition in Vietnam, over the years, Nutricare has made efforts to research and develop nutritional formulas suitable for Vietnamese people’s physical condition. The process of determinedly pursuing Medical Nutrition forces Nutricare to find solutions to specific nutritional problems for each Vietnamese age group (children, adults, the elderly), and each living area (rural, city)

“By partnering with the Nutricare Medical Nutrition Institute – USA (NMNI-USA), the National Brand of Nutricare Medical Nutrition once again affirms its aspiration and commitment to providing outstanding quality nutritional solutions, especially complies with American standards, to care for and improve the health of millions of Vietnamese families.” – Doctor Nguyen Duc Minh – General Director of Nutricare shared.

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