Nutricare gold – The leading Vietnamese milk supplement with HMB gold nutrients to protect muscle mass

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suckhoedoisong.vnMuscle loss is a concept that is still “strange” to Vietnamese people and being accepted as a natural aging process. Understanding this, Nutricare Gold Milk of Nutricare was created and is considered as the leading Vietnamese dairy product that adds HMB to the new formula, providing a solution to protect and regenerate muscle mass to help people to enjoy their lives.

Discovering HMB: Unique nutrients that protect, nourish and regenerate muscle mass

Muscle mass not only plays an extremely important role in mobility, balance, immunity, wound healing but also a place to store strength and energy for the body. When muscle is lost, the body has to suffer many consequences such as fatigue, weakness, decreased grip strength, reduced mobility, increased risk of falls leading to injury, especially in the elderly. That’s why it’s time for all of us to understand HMB – the savior of protecting muscle mass.

Not a familiar nutrient, but HMB is especially important for muscle mass and overall health. HMB (scientifically known as beta-Hydroxy Methylbutyrate) is a high quality protein converted from Leucine Acid. HMB works to inhibit muscle protein degradation as well as promote muscle protein synthesis and help to build muscle mass.

HMB – A nutrient that is especially important for muscle mass and overall health

HMB has been scientifically proven to be a nutrient that repairs and protects muscle mass. And in a nutshell, HMB is like a muscular gate guard responsible for protecting the health of muscle mass as our bodies get older.

Who needs special HMB supplementation?

In developed countries, muscle loss is considered a health problem. Even the US CDC also recorded muscle loss as a separate medical condition and affects 45% of the elderly in this country [1].

In Vietnam, most people do not properly understand the importance of muscle mass and HMB. Although those are the people who need special attention to protect muscle mass and supplement HMB. Because according to the aging law of the body, from the age of 30 on, every 10 years, the body will lose an average of 8% of muscle mass and this rate is higher than from the age of 60.

If the muscle mass is properly protected, the HMB is properly replenished, common problems with age such as weakness, difficulty carrying heavy objects, rapid fatigue when moving, loss of balance, easy falling, easy getting sick… will be improved, muscle strength and the whole body will be reinforced. Hence, we can confidently enjoy life and do the things we love such as playing sports, going on excursions, pursuing our passion etc.

Confidently enjoy your life and do the things you love with protected muscle mass

HMB is a good news for those who turn 30 to help protect and rebuild muscle mass, thereby preventing and even reversing muscle loss.

Nutricare Gold with HBM: Protect muscle mass so age is just a number

While the natural aging process cannot be prevented, thanks to HMB we can completely slow down and significantly improve muscle loss. At that point, the addition of HMB through the diet plays a particularly important role.

Understanding the importance of HMB as well as the difficulty of supplementing this nutrient through food, the national brand Nutricare Medical Nutrition has added HMB and increased calcium by 50% in a specialized product line called Nutricare Gold.

Nutricare Gold new formula adds HMB and 50% calcium that help strengthen muscles, bones

Nutricare Gold Milk is a comprehensive source of nutrition for adults at the age of 30 thanks to the new 3-support formula. They are: HMB and precious protein Arginine, BCAAs help strengthen the muscle system, quickly recover health after illness. The new formula adds 50% calcium with D3, magnesium, and phosphorus to help prevent osteoporosis and increase mobility; Rich in MUFA, PUFA & cholesterol free to help reduce atherosclerosis, good for the heart; 27 vitamins and minerals and Antioxidants (A, C, E & Selenium) help enhance immunity and restore health…

This new formula of Nutricare Gold also improves sleep thanks to the scientifically proven Lactium protein for good sleep, fatigue reduction and easy digestion due to its rich soluble fiber (FOS) with no lactose.

Nutricare Gold Milk now has a convenient paper box that protects the environment, retains its delicious taste and nutritional value from powdered milk formula. Nutricare Gold Milk is a golden solution that brings toughness and comfort to adults so that age is just a number.

Nutricare Gold Milk is a comprehensive nutritional supplement for adults, people in need of energy, people needing weight gain, weak body, people before and after surgery, older people with poor appetite.

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