Nutricare – A “challenging but loving” working environment

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Looking for a suitable professional job after trying the furniture business for a period of time, Chu Hai Anh today works as a pasteurized milk worker at Nutricare’s factory, the starting salary is half of the old job, but never did he feel “regret”.


There are always great prizes for those who want to challenge themselves

“Leisure is something everyone wants, but it has to be considered in what stage of life. I am still young, I want to be knowledgeable and to overcome challenges rather than regular and leisurely work.”

Like many colleagues at Nutricare, Hai Anh has 4 years of training in food technology at a top public institute in Vietnam. He was promptly accepted into a cereal milk processing business, but he also quickly “jumped” into the furniture business for a company in Pho Noi, Hung Yen. Good income, close to a home, simple job. But only when he “left the dairy business”, Hai Anh realized that “simple work” is not, should not be the life purpose of a 25-year-old young man.

On the first day of entering the processing area – a sterilization room of more than 40 m2, lined with tanks, shiny pipes on the floor of Nutricare’s factory without a speck of dust, Hai Anh could only clearly hear a very sharp voice, coming from inside of his head: “This is exactly what I want”.

Entering Nutricare, Hai Anh challenged himself in a different field: operating and producing processing zones. The first month has passed with many days of staying very late to learn from the department heads and experts of Tetra Pak (partner of the supply chain) to understand the machine they are “mastering”. At the end of the shift, returning home, Hai Anh was like coming back to his student life many years ago. When finishing the meal, he buried his head in lesson plans, collected and borrowed electromechanical documents for self-study.


“Although I had undergone 4 years of training in the field, operating the processing zones of production is not an easy job for me. Working at Nutricare helps me hone my skills, therefore,  if I change jobs, I also feel more confident about my skills.” – Production operator in the processing area, Chu Hai An

“Nutricare factory is about 10.000-meter square but there are merely 17 employees because the machines are automated and can follow orders by themselves. But how to place orders, to make sure they work smoothly, we have to constantly study, learn from experts and learn from each other. No one forced us, we just found ourselves essential to improve quickly to understand, “dominate” and operate them”, Hai Anh shared.

Only one month later, the equipment supplier’s expert was able to “let go” and let Hai Anh operate the machine by himself, solving problems independently.

Nutricare: Challenging but loving environment

In the million-dollar factory area of Nutricare factory No. 2, the simplest, least comfortable room seems to be the office of Director Nguyen Trung Kien. When the factory staff contacted Mr. Kien via the desk phone in the director’s room, they hardly had anyone to pick up the phone.

“I rarely sit at a desk, preferring to go to the workshop,” the 44-year-old director smiled and explained. The factory has nearly 40 employees working in shifts, he remembers all the names, knows most of them. At lunchtime, the director as well as the staff, all ate together in the same stainless steel tray, asking each other about work just like close friends.

After 20 years of working in the dairy industry, Mr. Kien also came to Nutricare when he left an important position in a “big player” of the Vietnamese dairy industry with his passion for making high-quality dairy products for Vietnamese people. But most of all, being “conquered” by a working environment of trust, ambition, and ” family-like”.


“When I have a position at work, what I aim for is sharing and respect. If work is not shared, people will soon leave.”

Growing up with community activities

Ten years of Nutricare’s growth path has been associated with volunteering and community activities: Millions of glasses of milk for the community, 25,000 glasses of milk for patients in Bach Mai’s kidney village, support for frontline units in the fight against epidemics, etc… their own employees also “grow up”.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nutricare supported and gave gifts to poor patients affected by the epidemic. In which, there are more than 120 patients in Le Thanh Nghi “kidney-village”, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. When he first set foot in the kidney village, Nguyen Van Manh, a 30-year-old employee of the marketing department, said he was “shocked and haunted”.

That was the first time, Manh stepped into the rooms of several square meters of 3 or 4 patients, sharing a bed; For the first time, the only way to “increase the income” of these neighborhood patients is to eat less. Nutritional milk is a luxury option. “I asked, almost no one buys milk to drink, some people have never drunk milk in their whole life,” Manh said.

After three years of working at Nutricare, he and his colleagues went to health centers, orphanages, schools, and poor villages many times to give gifts. He understands how effective the nutritional supplement from milk helps to improve meals for kidney patients.


“During the ten year period of development of Nutricare, doing CSR activities help me and the young become kind people”

Manh and his colleagues calculated the needs and number of patients and proposed a roadmap to sponsor specialized dairy products for people with kidney failure. The gift-giving plan was immediately approved by the company leadership. 10 days later, they were at the kidney village, in the first round of gift-giving.

A careless doctor can affect a few people, but if a nutritionist is unethical, the effect can spread to generations. Nutricare has started with the mindset of taking the nutrition profession as the utmost priority. Caring for and developing people has become one of the three core values ​​of the company during the past 10 years. It is a journey of development and growth with many difficulties and challenges, but thanks to that, Nutricare forges young people in the organization into individuals with a heart toward the community.

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