National player Doan Van Hau: Energy brings confidence and nurtures passion in me

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Kênh – When we did this interview, it was also when Van Hau was in the process of training to recover from a knee injury…

Leaving the glory of 20 years old behind, Van Hau in front of me today is a young player full of energy, bringing himself right to the starting line with a single goal: To return to the field in his best form, together with the Vietnamese football team continue to make history in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and any upcoming tournaments. 

Looking back at the journey that this famous 20-year-old player has gone through, you will understand how strong his energy must be to overcome obstacles to shine brightly and keep the burning passion to this day.


“Energy that helped me shine yesterday”

From a boy who skipped practice to play games to a famous young player at the age of 20

The age of 20 for many young people in the days of struggling with education, living, and struggling to assert themselves. Those are the days when most young people are collecting every penny from tutoring, working part-time, participating in mass roles, cheering in TV shows, earning a dime or a coin…

However, Van Hau at this time already has a remarkable record of achievements, a series of titles that any player dreams of Outstanding Asian player at the FIFA World Cup U20-2017 (FOX Sports average) choose); Best Young Player in Southeast Asia 2017, Best Young Player in Vietnam 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Along with that are the victories that captivated fans with the Vietnamese football team: National U19 Championship 2016, 2017; National U21 2016; V.League 2018, 2019 and National Cup 2019, entering the AFC Cup 2019 inter-regional final; Won the 2016 KBZ Bank Cup U19 (with Vietnam U19), the Asian U19 semi-final and the U20 World Cup; 2018 Asian U23 Runner-up (with Vietnam U23); Top 4 ASIAD 2018 (with Vietnam Olympic); won the AFF Cup 2018, runner-up of King’s Cup 2019, Top 8 Asian Cup 2019 (with the Vietnamese team) and most recently won the SEA Games 30.


“Family and relatives are the motivation for Van Hau to keep trying every day

However, few people know that Van Hau also had a “remarkable childhood” like anyone else, except that this boy’s school is a sports training school. Having skipped school to play games, parents were once invited to “drink tea” by the coaching staff and almost got kicked out of the football team. But, the new opportunity that the coaches gave to the boy Van Hau that day was also an important milestone for this young player to work harder and get really serious with his passion.


Counting the days of Van Hau’s efforts, from April 2009 (in grade 4) up to now, you and I can see his perseverance, effort, and strong “energy” that has been fueling this boy.

Talking to us, Van Hau said: “In the past, my father used to play football a lot and when he saw that Hau liked to play football, he was very supportive. From the school tournament until I was selected to the district, my father took me to practice every day. Van Hau’s house is about 10km from the district, his father still brought me every day to practice with my friends, when he was busy, my uncle took place. That is the motivation for Van Hau to always maintain positive energy, strive until the present time and throughout the future journey.”

Growing up in a harsh training environment, maturing in the arms of his teammates, Van Hau also understood what it is to be a “sharing joys and sorrows” community, to fight hard for the colors of the flag, to be supportive of other teammates. The forerunners show the way, guide the latter, and the latter learn from the experiences of the matches and follow in the footsteps of their seniors. It was those days that created a strong, solid and talented Van Hau as today.

“The process of training and competition is tough,

but Van Hau has never thought of giving up”


“The energy that wakes me up and keeps my feet on the ground”

Many people believe that being successful at the age of twenty often makes us fall into the trap of illusion, that we are talented enough, brave enough to make all dreams come true and it is the fearsome enemy of all the youngsters. However, Van Hau never thought like that.

The young player confided: “Hau’s achievements are associated with the achievements of the whole team, bearing the colors of the flag of Vietnam. Therefore, Hau always reminds me not to give up. Hau also never thought that if he achieved those achievements today, I would stop striving. It’s all just the beginning of a new journey and Hau still tries every day to not be left behind. Hau will try until I can’t try anymore!”.


“Hau never thought that he would stop trying even when he already had a remarkable record”

Indeed, even in the most successful days with the Vietnamese team, Van Hau once again made fans happy when he was the first player to play in the Netherlands. This is an important milestone in the potential young player’s football career, and also a challenging time for this young man to train himself, those harsh days that the young player put all his spirit, strength and national pride to overcome.


“The energy that helps me overcome all obstacles behind the aura”

Without the resounding achievements and outstanding names of the Vietnamese football team, today’s Van Hau is working hard day by day to complete the coming goal: Quickly return to the field in the best form to contribute to the Vietnamese national team in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.


“Hau is practicing every day to find the feeling of the ball again and return to the field in my best form”

When being asked, what is Van Hau’s biggest obstacle right now, the young player confided: “The biggest challenge is to overcome this injury period. Hau is practicing every day to regain the best ball feeling and return to the field as soon as possible. In the game the “feeling of the ball” is very important. Muscles, when injured without much activity, will atrophy, now I have to practice to recover muscles, balance my legs and avoid injury.”.

It is known that Van Hau suffered a torn meniscus injury on the outside of his right knee in September 2020, after returning from the Heerenveen club (Netherlands). On December 5, 2020, Van Hau had surgery at the Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City. One month after the surgery, he started training to recover from injury at PVF Youth Football Training Center.


“Besides working hard, Van Hau is also focused on eating and charging energy to have a strong and healthy body”

Normally, this guy also knows how to balance work and life, personal interests, and love life. After hours of hard practice, Van Hau often talks with family members. In addition, there is an unforgettable passion of this guy, which is “gaming time” with teammates in his spare time. Hau is honest: “Currently, Van Hau loves to Play Station” (smile).

It is the persistent practice and positive energy that always burns in Van Hau that is the critical factor for this guy’s “outstanding height” and strong physique. And that is also the reason why this talented young player was chosen as the exclusive ambassador for Nutricare’s Care 100 brand. Care 100 Active Cocoa-malt Milk is the latest product from Care 100 brand, with a breakthrough appearance with the image of tough and strong player Doan Van Hau, inspiring all children who nurture their dreams and desires to be strong and energetic every day.

As an exclusive brand ambassador, Van Hau will accompany the brand’s activities and events across the country, helping Care 100 Active fulfill its mission of becoming a companion of children, providing a source of energy with outstanding quality for children so that they have a good physical foundation, reach great heights anytime, anywhere, whether they are studying, playing, discovering a new world or on a journey to conquer their dreams.

Nutricare – The national brand of medical nutrition has just launched a cocoa-malt milk product: Care 100 Active.

This is the pioneer product with the exclusive “5 Active” nutritional benefits to help children develop skeletal muscles and height; strengthen resistance; stimulate appetite; compensate for the energy consumed in movement, study and improve the spirit, reduce stress and fatigue. At the same time, Care 100 Active is also the only cocoa-malt milk product on the market that has a nutritional formula with 29 nutrients, helping to maximize energy metabolism and nutrient absorption in children.



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