Metacare Colostrum+: The “golden key” for boosting the child’s immune system

Rate this post – Not only helps boosting natural immunity, Metacare Colostrum + also contains fiber and beneficial bacteria to aid digestion and improve absorption.


If the immune system acts as a “barrier” to protect health, the digestive system is like a “kitchen” that provides nutrition for the daily growth of the baby. With 70% of immune cells in the digestive system, mothers need to build a suitable nutrition to nurture the beneficial bacteria in the child’s intestinal tract. Thanks to these beneficial bacteria, the immune system is healthy and helps strengthen the baby’s resistance to disease.

Good digestion makes a strong immune system

In the first years of life, the baby’s resistance depends mainly on nutrition from breast milk. In particular, IgG antibodies present in mother’s colostrum can help reduce the risk of diseases such as otitis media, flu, respiratory infections, intestinal infections.

However, the baby is very susceptible to mild illness in the immune gap period due to stopping breastfeeding or decreasing breast milk volume. Therefore, many mothers have chosen nutritious products such as milk to provide IgG antibodies to help strengthen the baby’s immune system.

With the stomach still unfamiliar with conventional foods, milk is one of the drinks good for digestion and suitable for the nutritional needs of children. A good digestive system fosters a healthy immune system, so the baby will have high resistance to germs and reduce mild illness. 

 width=Mother can add milk to child’s daily nutrition to enhance natural immunity

Even if you are too busy to cook baby’s weaning meal or prepare snacks, you can make a glass of milk in 3 minutes. Many product lines even have ready-made milk, which is very convenient for babies and saves time for mothers. So, have you chosen any dairy products to help the journey of taking care of your baby become “a leisured time”?

Metacare Colostrum + boosts immunity, supports digestion

To ease the mothers’ journey of preparing meals and taking care of their babies, Nutricare has launched Metacare Colostrum + product. This is a product line that enhances the immune system, including ingredients that are good for the digestive system and support children’s brain development.

 width=Metacare Colostrum + helps to strengthen the immune system and good for children’s digestive system 

With an exceptionally high content of IgG 1450+ antibodies, Metacare Colostrum + helps children increase natural immunity. Furthermore, the two components HMO & Lactoferrin reduce bacterial infections by limiting the penetration of viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

Thanks to the Probiotic and Prebiotic duo, Metacare Colostrum + supports the baby to eat and digest better. Products that provide fiber to help improve nutrient absorption and prevent constipation that is common in school-age children because of fear of going to the toilet at school.

In addition, Metacare Colostrum + also adds DHA, Choline and Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid). These are important nutritional ingredients that support brain development and astute learning while the child is exploring his world.

You can add Metacare Colostrum + to baby’s weaning menu or snacks. Before making formula milk, make sure you wash your hands and sanitize the bottle or cup for the baby to drink. Mix 180ml of warm water 45 – 50 ° C with 40g powder for each drink. To improve the taste, you can feed the baby with biscuits or cereals together with the milk.

Even if the motherhood journey is not as “leisured” as expected, you still can find ways to make it easier for yourself. Metacare Colostrum + helps mothers save a lot of time when taking care of each baby’s meal while still ensuring nutrients for the child’s comprehensive development. With only 2 glasses of milk a day, you can assure that they both support the digestive system and strengthen the immune system for a healthy baby!


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