Less than 20k, this is the healthy and beautiful secret that is “hunted” among sisterhood

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With only 20k, you can’t buy a lipstick or a spa session. However, 20K can still help you stay healthy and beautiful if you know how to “invest” wisely!


When it comes to investing in health and beauty, you may think that you will spend a lot of money on supplements, cosmetics, beauty salons, spa services, etc. However, what if you do not have a lot of money or are trying to save some budget?

Instead of following expensive behaviors, you can choose a healthy and beautiful trend from the inside that is both healthy and economical.

The trend of being healthy and beautiful from the inside

In the past, women often focused on the beauty of the outside with the secret of diet, makeup, clothes or cosmetology. Outer beauty makes women more attractive, but this still does not fully show the attractiveness of women. Not to mention, some unsafe beauty methods also lead to many health risks. Therefore, modern women increasingly tend to focus on inner beauty more than outer appearance.

 width=Modern women increasingly tend to focus on inner beauty more than outer appearance

In fact, the beauty of women is sometimes simply a fitting body with flexible bones and a happy smile that indicates good mental health. It is the combination of physical and mental health that will bring you a healthy and positive beauty. Especially, the girls can only spend 20K for a “profitable investment” that brings attractive beauty from the inside.

20K for health and beauty 

To be healthy and beautiful every day, you do not need to spend a lot of money. It only takes about 20K or sometimes it doesn’t take any money to feel more confident and attractive. The following are simple suggestions to help you to invest in the beauty of your soul and take care of your bones and joints to become a “healthy from the inside” version. 

Invest in soul beauty 

Spending only a few thousand dongs on the internet, reading positive contents online, you can learn to think optimistically, deeply and maturely. If you want to read books, just save 10K/day, you will have about 300k/month to buy 2-3 books to nourish your soul and improve your knowledge.

 width=The habit of reading is a “profitable investment”

A girl’s bookcase with a healthy spiritual life can include positive prose, psychology, life skills, inspirational characters, etc. Many girls start their day with a few pages and close a day with a diary page. These are very good habits for mental health and help you manage stress effectively.

Care for bones and joints

This is something that most women forget until their joints “beg for help” with pain, especially in the postpartum period and menopause in women. When her bones and joints are not strong, her body cannot be beautiful when it is difficult for her to stand upright or perform exercises to keep fit.

You should practice gentle exercise movements at home or spend 10K – 20K/day to have around 300-500K/month for yoga courses, swimming… Besides exercises, you can also spend up to 20K for 1 glass of Nutricare Bone milk to improve bone and joint health.

Chăm sóc cho xương khớp 

Đây là điều mà hầu hết các nàng đều bỏ quên cho đến khi xương khớp “cầu cứu” với những cơn đau nhức, nhất là ở giai đoạn sau sinh và mãn kinh ở phụ nữ. Khi xương khớp không khỏe, vóc dáng cũng không thể đẹp khi nàng khó đứng thẳng hoặc thực hiện các động tác tập luyện giữ dáng.

Bạn nên tập các động tác thể dục nhẹ nhàng tại nhà hoặc dành ra 10K – 20K/ngày để có tầm 300 – 500K/tháng cho các khóa học yoga, bơi lội… Bên cạnh các bài tập, bạn cũng có thể dành ra chưa đến 20K cho 1 ly sữa Nutricare Bone để cải thiện sức khỏe xương khớp.

 width=Doing exercise is good for your health

Nutricare Bone milk is rich in calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 to help transport and increase the density of calcium attached to the skeleton, making bones stronger. The product is sweet and low in fat, so you won’t have to worry about gaining weight when you drink milk. In particular, the product also has Collagen and Glucosamine to help reduce joint pain, increase mobility and flexibility of joint cartilage.

Try adding Nutricare Bone milk into your morning menu after exercise, afternoon break and night before bed. Nutricare experts said: “Just 2-3 cups of Nutricare Bone per day, women will have stronger bones and prevent the risk of osteoporosis in old age.”

 width=Nutricare Bone is a nutritional solution to help strengthen bones, prevent the risk of osteoporosis, protecting the heart

For busy girls, Nutricare Bone is a nutritional solution to help strengthen bones and joints when it takes less than 3 minutes to have a cup of warm milk. A healthy diet combined with exercises and some good books will help you stay healthy from the inside. Don’t think 20K is a small number, if you invest wisely, you will become a more attractive version of yourself

Nutricare Bone milk is a nutritional supplement for adults and children over 10 years old; people with osteoporosis, at risk of reduced bone density; people who play sports and heavy physical activities need to support bone and joint function. Products help bones and joints strong and supple, while protecting the heart and promoting health. 

For more information, please visit:

Website: https://nutricare.com.vn 

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/giamasuong

Hotline: 1800.6011 (toll free)


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