Leanpro Thyro LID medical nutrition: “The lifesaver” for people on an iodine diet

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suckhoedoisong.vn – Iodine diet plays an important role for thyroid cancer patients preparing for radioactive iodine treatment. However, choosing foods and nutritional supplements when abstaining from iodine is not easy.

Leanpro Thyro LID is a specialized nutritional solution to support health improvement for people on this strict diet.

Struggling with the Iodine diet  

During radioactive iodine (I-131) treatment, thyroid patients are forced to follow an iodine-reduced diet. Specifically, in the 2 weeks before radiotherapy with I-131, it is necessary to control the body’s iodine intake to no more than 50mcg/day, by limiting iodine-rich foods in meals. This diet makes thyroid cells “hungry” for iodine, so that thyroid tissue will “capture” iodine better when receiving a dose of I-131, ensuring treatment effectiveness.

As it is difficult to accurately measure the iodine content in food, a number of people have difficulty choosing foods with the appropriate amount of iodine while still meeting enough nutrition for the body. In fact, several have gone on a negative diet by completely cutting out foods containing iodine. This has a detrimental effect on radiotherapy treatment and increases the risk of side effects from radiotherapy. In the long term, excessive abstinence will cause the body to become tired, weak and slow to recover after each treatment session.

Difficulty in practicing an iodine diet

So, how to balance two goals: Controlling iodine within allowable limits, while also providing enough nutrition that the body needs to have the best health for I-131 treatment? 

Leanpro Thyro LID – Nutritional “life-saver” for people on an iodine diet  

With the mission of bringing medical nutritional products to support the treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, thyroid, stomach… experts at Nutricare have researched and launched the duo Leanpro Thyro and Leanpro Thyro LID – specialized nutrition for people with thyroid disease.

Leanpro Thyro and Leanpro Thyro LID – nutritional support for people with thyroid disease

In particular, Leanpro Thyro is a nutritional product rich in iodine for people after thyroid surgery, after radioactive iodine treatment and hypothyroidism.

The second product is Leanpro Thyro LID – iodine-separated nutrition for people on an iodine diet. With a formula that removes 88% of Iodine, Leanpro Thyro LID is a nutritional “life-saver” for people on an Iodine diet. The iodine content in Leanpro Thyro LID has been researched and standardized by Nutricare experts according to the recommendations of the American Thyroid Association – ATA.

Leanpro Thyro LID reduces iodine by up to 88%, meeting the iodine abstinence diet recommended by the American Thyroid Association

Not only does it solve concerns about iodine, Leanpro Thyro LID also has an optimal nutritional system, bringing various health benefits. Protein source from Almonds – Oats and 23 Vitamins and minerals in the product help replenish the body’s nutrition, especially beneficial for people who are weakened by applying extreme iodine diets.

In addition, Leanpro Thyro LID also contains Omega 3 fish oil, DHA, EPA + Nano Curcumin and Antioxidant system (Vitamin A, C, E & Selenium) to help reduce inflammation (patients often suffer from inflammation of the salivary glands after Iodine radiotherapy), which supports the subsequent treatment process.

The trio of nutrients Lactium, Mg, B6 in Leanpro Thyro LID allows reduction of stress and fatigue, sleep improvement and regulation; Soluble fiber FOS/Insulin supports the digestive system, reduces constipation (common when temporarily stopping thyroid hormone medication to prepare for I-131 treatment).

With the support of Leanpro Thyro LID, adhering to a strict iodine diet has become much easier and less stressful for the patient.

Leanpro Thyro LID – Proven Effectiveness 

Iodine diet keeps an extremely important role in radioactive iodine treatment. Therefore, patients are also stricter in choosing daily nutritional supplements.

Leanpro Thyro LID product has proven its effectiveness and quality through clinical research at K Hospital Tan Trieu in 2022. Specifically, the product brings positive effects to users such as: helping to reduce average urinary iodine concentration to 2.2 mcg/dL, reducing hypocalcemia in patients after complete thyroidectomy. At the same time, the combination of using Leanpro Thyro LID has significantly improved nutritional status, reduced the risk of malnutrition, and enabled good nutritional status for patients before I-131 radiotherapy.

Leanpro Thyro LID has been clinically proven to limit iodine intake into the patient’s body

With serious research investment and scientific guarantees at the hospital, Leanpro Thyro LID has affirmed its position and value in the field of Medical Nutrition. This is a reliable choice recommended for people on an iodine diet.

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