Leanmax Ligos: Nutrition for the damaged liver

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suckhoedoisong.vnUnderstanding the fragility of the damaged liver, Leanmax Ligos offers a specialized nutritional solution to help alleviate symptoms and improve disease conditions.

When the liver is damaged…

Being the largest internal organ, the liver is responsible for processing and eliminating toxins for the body. Ironically, under the pressure to filter all kinds of toxins but it is very “lonely” every time the virus attacks. That is not to mention smoking, drinking and other unhealthy eating habits that make the liver more easily damaged.

Most liver damage has very few early symptoms and this is why it is difficult to diagnose liver diseases in the early stages.

Damage to liver cells can lead to hepatitis with symptoms such as anorexia, gastrointestinal disturbances, fever, vomiting, loose stools … The common cause is virus, in addition to other harmful factors, such as alcohol, cigarette, side effects of certain drugs or chemicals.


The liver is easily damaged by harmful factors (Cigarette, alcohol, drugs, virus, polluted environment)

Without prompt treatment, hepatitis, in many cases, could go badly, leading to liver cirrhosis, or more dangerous, liver cancer. Among many treatment methods, nutrition is considered to play a very important role in improving the pathological status.

Nutrition can help detoxify the liver?

In trends of body detoxify, people believe that certain types of fruit juices, herbs or supplements can help detoxify the liver. However, those word of mouth recipes have no scientific basis to ensure safety and sometimes can make the body worse. This risk is especially high in those who are elderly or have poor immune systems.

Doctor Le Thanh Ly (Vice Chairman of HCM City Hepatology Association) said that word-of-mouth methods can release some symptoms but not completely resolve the cause. In fact, incorrect detoxify methods can cause more serious liver damage, along with anorexia, weakness, fatigue …

Instead of applying an uncertain detoxify methods to the liver, the patient should learn about specific nutrition for the damaged liver. The purpose of this specific diet is to relieve pressure on the liver, replenish nutrients and improve pathological situation with healthy foods.

Based on the principle of specialized nutrition for the damaged liver, Nutricare’s experts have developed the Leanmax Ligos product line. This is a nutritional solution that not only helps to protect liver cells but also aids in health recovery.

 width=Leanmax Ligos – a nutritional solution that helps to protect liver cells as well as aids in health recovery.

Nurture the liver with Leanmax Ligos

Leanmax Ligos is not only for hepatitis patients but also for people with impaired liver function due to smoking or drinking alcohol … This is also a suitable product to add to the daily diet of those who suffered from any kind of sick, before/ after surgery.

With nutritional ingredients such as Methionine, BCAA and Arginine, Leanmax Ligos supports liver detoxification, limits fatty liver status and helps to protect the liver cells. This product is supplemented with MCT medium-fat, which could be absorbed without bile, helping to reduce the burden on the liver and easily absorb nutrients.

Moreover, Leanmax Ligos also helps restore health, heal wounds quickly, and it is good for the heart. In particular, the product is rich in IgG antibody of colostrum, with 12mg / 200ml in a standard glass to help strengthening patient’s immunity.


Leanmax Ligos is good in supporting liver with specialized nutritional ingredients

The 200ml Leanmax Ligos standard glass with abundant vitamin and mineral components can be used to replace for a snack of people with liver damage. According to expert Nutricare’s advice, the number of meals for liver patients should include 3 main meals and 2 glasses of Leanmax Ligos per day.

Leanmax Ligos nurtures the damaged liver with a specialized nutrition riched in ingredients to help the patient relieve symptoms. If the liver’s task is to detoxify, Leanmax Ligos has the mission of taking care of the liver in the most fragile stages. Don’t neglect your liver while you still have the chance to prevent it from the disease now!

Leanmax Ligos is a product of Nutricare – National brand of medical nutrition. This is a specialized product line for nutritional supplements for people with hepatitis, has been confirmed to be consistent with the food safety regulations of the Ministry of Health (Department of Food Safety).Contact:

Website: https://nutricare.com.vn/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Leanmax.LeanProBeno

Hotline: 1800.6011 (free toll)

Cre: https://suckhoedoisong.vn/leanmax-ligos-dinh-duong-cho-la-gan-bi-ton-thuong-169187638.htm

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