Improved Metacare Gold 2+ – A great way to help mothers leisurely raise their children

Rate this post – To help mothers conquer the dream of “raising a child leisurely”, Metacare Gold 2+ has now been improved with many outstanding advantages to help children to stay healthy.

Even when mothers have supports from family members, the birth of a baby can turn your daily life upside down, making you feel like you’re busy 24/7. Is there a way to help mothers to be leisure and reduce the nights of staying up to take care of sick children?

With the innovative Metacare Gold 2+ milk product line, the dream of “raising a child leisurely ” is no longer too far away. This is a special nutritional solution that gives babies a healthy digestive system, in addition to helping them eat better, strong bones, brain development and strengthen the immune system.

For a healthy digestive system

When the baby’s digestive system is not healthy, it is easy to become constipated. There are many causes of constipation in children, but the most important cause is diet. Children are easily constipated when they don’t drink enough water or don’t eat enough fiber, drink a lot of cow’s milk (high in calcium) … Not to mention, children can eat many dishes that their parents can’t control, leading to digestive disorders.

To prevent constipation, mothers can add Metacare Gold 2+ milk to their baby’s menu. This is a nutritional solution to help maintain a healthy digestive system. The product contains whey protein, HMO, chicory fiber, beneficial bacteria to help prevent constipation; Nucleotides promote baby’s digestive function.


Your baby’s digestive system is well taken care of thanks to Metacare Gold 2+

Anorexia is no more

The baby’s weaning journey can be a series of movies about battles with all kinds of tricks from gentle appeasing to fierce threatening because of anorexia or poor appetite . This could be a huge worry of mothers when the baby is barely gaining weight or even losing weight.

Let’s “throw the scale and live happily”, Metacare Gold 2+ will help mothers with Lysine and Zinc duo to help children eat well and gain healthy weight. The product provides adequate nutrition as recommended by the Ministry of Health to ensure the normal development of children.

Strong bones for height growth

A little baby is adorable, but sometimes,l mothers are depressed seeing her child inferiorly smaller than other children of the same age: How to feed my child to grow taller?

Instead of being busy in the kitchen to prepare meals for your child, you can give your child Metacare Gold 2+ as a snack. The product helps strengthen bones and improve height thanks to organic calcium ingredients from seaweed, vitamins D3 and K2 to help strengthen bones.

Don’t worry if your child is slow

Many mothers worry when their children are about to go to school, but they are slow to understand and forget quickly, so it might be difficult for them to keep pace with their friends. In fact, even a math genius like Albert Einstein as a child was a child with dyslexia, speech delay and was mocked as “retarded”.

Along with educational methods to encourage children, mothers can also add Metacare Gold 2+ milk. The product contains DHA and Choline to help develop the brain, Folic acid increases memory and learning to help children explore the world around them.


Set of 3 nutrients DHA, Choline and Folic acid to help your baby smart and active

Strengthen your child’s immunity

Children’s immune systems are still weak, so they are easy to get sick, especially during the current complicated epidemic season in Vietnam. To strengthen the baby’s immune system, mothers should pay attention to choosing foods that help strengthen the immune system.

Metacare Gold 2+ provides colostrum, Zinc and Selenium and vitamins A, C, and E to help strengthen children’s immunity. With a strong immune system, your baby will reduce the risk of infection and constant illness during the “immune gap” period from 6 months to 3 years old.


Metacare Gold 2+ protects and strengthens your baby’s immune system

With Metacare Gold 2+, the journey of raising a baby will no longer be a battle when your baby can develop comprehensively with only 2-3 cups of milk a day. As long as the baby doesn’t get sick, the mother can feel more secure and at ease!

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