If your child is a fan of cocoa-malt milk, you should buy Care 100 Active now because of the following reasons

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Giadinh.netCare 100 Active Milk captures the hearts of young children with its rich cocoa flavor blended with naturally delicious malt. The product also immediately conquers parents with the exclusive “5 Active” benefits and outstanding nutrition with 29 nutrients.

What other special things in Care 100 Active that enthralls young fans of cocoa-malt and their parents? Let’s discover together now!

Bursting appearance with the image of talented player Doan Van Hau

First, Care 100 Active has an extremely eye-catching appearance with the image on the box of a talented young player Doan Van Hau – the idol of many children. Player Doan Van Hau is currently the exclusive ambassador of Care 100 – the brand that owns the Care 100 Active barley cocoa milk product.


Care 100 Active impresses with the energetic image of player Doan Van Hau.

The image of strong, healthy, and full of bravery player Doan Van Hau creates a bursting appearance for Care 100 Active in terms of strong energy that spreads to the children as the brand spirit pursues: “Outstanding energy – Reaching great heights”.

Both Van Hau and Care 100 brands wish that when holding a Care 100 Active milk box in their hands, the children will be “charged” with energy, full of nutrition, and positive inspiration to conquer all activities, from studying, having fun, or exploring

Delicious and attractive with Cocoa-malt flavor

Care 100 Active milk has the characteristic brown color of cocoa, combined with malt extract and premium milk. But the taste of Care 100 Active really creates an “earthquake” that explodes in the mouth when the children drink it for the first time.


The attractive flavor from Care 100 Active is loved by all the children

The characteristic rich flavor of cocoa mixed with the natural aroma of malt, and the sweetness from premium milk in Care 100 Active will surely “catch the hearts” of all cocoa-malt devotees. Even the children with the most “selective” taste can hardly “ignore” the great attraction of this breakthrough product.

Cocoa and malt: The Top Nutritional Duo

Undoubtedly one of the most consumed grains in the world, malt is renowned for its high nutritional content, is extremely nutritious, and high in energy; At the same time, there are many fibers, groups of antioxidants, abundant vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B1 and calcium.

Meanwhile, cocoa is known as the “food of the gods” and is a bright star in the food industry. Cocoa has a great taste, has all the basic nutrients that provide energy such as protein, carbohydrates, and lipids… and essential minerals for metabolism such as copper, iron, zinc …


The barley cocoa duo brings abundant nutrition to Care 100 Active

With the wonderful effects of barley and cocoa, Care 100 has researched and successfully launched Care 100 Active milk with the perfect blend of cocoa and malt, bringing a delicious and nutritious milk product, providing and supplementing an abundant source of energy for children from 3 years old.

Exceptional energy from the exclusive “5 Active” benefits

Between Care 100 Active and player Doan Van Hau, there is also an interesting common point around the number 5. If the number 5 is the number of Doan Van Hau’s jersey that he wears every time he goes out to play, Care 100 Active possesses the exclusive “5 Active” benefits.

The “5 Active” benefits were pioneered by Care 100 Active to bring children outstanding advantages including Development of skeletal muscles and height; Strengthening resistance; Energy metabolism, stimulating appetite; Compensating for the energy consumed in exercise, study, and mental enhancement, reducing stress and fatigue.


Care 100 Active pioneered to introduce the “5-Active” benefits that give children outstanding advantages

Rich nutrition from 29 optimal nutrients

At the same time, Care 100 Active is also particularly noticeable in the line of cocoa-malt milk products available on the market when possessing up to 29 types of nutrients. The rich source of nutrients from the substances contained in Care 100 Active helps to maximize energy and nutrient absorption in children. Typical nutrients include: Calcium, Vitamin D3 to help develop skeletal muscle and height; Vitamins A, C, E, Selenium, Zinc enhance resistance; Zinc and Lysine help metabolize energy and stimulate appetite; Magnesium, Vitamin B6 enhances the spirit, reduce stress, and fatigue.


29 nutrients in Care 100 Active help maximize energy and nutrient absorption in children

Care 100 Active with delicious taste and outstanding advantages promises to be a great friend to accompany your baby every day to provide outstanding energy and reach great heights. Therefore, parents do not forget to give children 2-3 boxes of 180ml or 3-4 boxes of 110ml per day to quickly compensate for the energy consumed in exercise and learning!

For detailed information, please visit:

Website: http://danhbaythapcoi.com/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Care100Active

Hotline: 1800.6011 (Toll-free)

Cre: https://giadinh.net.vn/song-khoe/neu-con-ban-la-tin-do-cua-sua-cacao-lua-mach-mua-ngay-care-100-active-vi-nhung-ly-do-duoi-day-20210621100239849.htm

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