How to keep your child active and energetic without being tired, facing weak resistance, and getting sick easily?

Rate this post Being a mother is difficult because making any decision related to your child is like solving a math problem with many answers. Which is the correct answer? It’s hard but it’s not impossible.

My dear, I’m afraid…

“I want you to immerse yourself in your favorite sport, but I’m afraid you’ll get tired. I want you to enjoy the feeling of bathing in the rain like I did when I was young, but I am afraid that you will get sick. I want you to freely explore nature, but I am afraid that you will be attacked and contaminated with harmful bacteria. I want to let you play freely so that you don’t withdraw and get along with your friends, but I’m afraid that you’ll get hurt and fall. After all, I just want to see my baby always active and happy, but it’s not so easy!”.

The above sharing will surely make many mothers sympathize and find themselves in it. As a mother, everyone wants to bring out the best for their children, but they always wonder if it is really good for their children or not. For example, a mother wants her child to be active, but she is afraid that her child will be tired, have weak resistance, and get sick easily.

 width= I always want you to be active, but I am afraid that you will be tired, sick, and scratching

But do you know that being afraid is completely natural? Don’t be too stressed or blame yourself, but trust the instincts of motherhood as well as believe in your children! Do you still remember the lesson about the vines that you’re often taught as a child in kindergarten? 

There’s a vine, a tiny one, 

Reaching out, for the sun

Out of the window, rise up high, 

Have you ever wondered why?

Because vine, she needs air, 

An open space, to be shared,

With the sun, with the rain, 

Then her flowers will bloom again!

A child is just like that tiny vine, it also needs sunshine and rain to be strong. It is only necessary for mothers to equip their children with life skills, and especially to build a solid health foundation. At that time, he will be active, free to explore a whole new world.

Mommy doesn’t be afraid, since Care 100 Active is now accompanying you!

Nutrition is an important factor for the overall development of children. Children with adequate nutrition will be active “always on their feet”, full of energy, ready to explore the world, try new things and actively interact with people around them.

Understanding the importance of nutrition and being willing to share with mothers’ worries, Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk is launched to help increase energy so that the baby is always strong and healthy and the mother reduces anxiety on the journey of feeding her baby. 


Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk helps increase energy to keep your baby strong and healthy

To achieve that, Care 100 Active has researched and released an exclusive “5 Active” benefits that bring outstanding energy to children to be active, tall, and confident in front of the world. The “5 Active” benefits in Care 100 Active help children absorb nutrients to Develop skeletal muscle, height; Strengthen resistance; Energy metabolism, stimulate appetite; Compensating for energy consumed in exercise, study and mental enhancement, reducing stress, and fatigue.


Care 100 Active possesses an exclusive “5 Active” benefits that bring outstanding energy to children

In addition, Care 100 Active is also a product containing the highest amount of nutrients in the cocoa-malt milk segment available on the market with 29 nutrients to help maximize energy and nutrient absorption in children. The nutrients contained in Care 100 Active include: Calcium, Vitamin D3 to help develop skeletal muscle, height; Vitamins A, C, E, Selenium, Zinc enhance resistance; Zinc, Lysin help metabolize energy and stimulate appetite; Magnesium, Vitamin B6 enhances the spirit, reduce stress and fatigue.


29 nutrients in Care 100 Active help maximize energy and nutrient absorption in children

Not only possessing outstanding nutrition but Care 100 Active also “put on” an explosive and impressive appearance with the image of national player Doan Van Hau. It is known that Van Hau is the exclusive ambassador of the Care 100 brand, Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk is the latest product of this brand. In the role of a brand ambassador, talented young player Doan Van Hau will carry out the mission of inspiring a dynamic lifestyle, a strong spirit, and bravery for children, even while studying, playing, exploring the new world, or on the journey to conquer their dreams.


National player Doan Van Hau is the exclusive ambassador of the Care 100 Active brand

Care 100 Active confidently conquers children’s sensitive taste with an attractive cocoa-malt flavor. Just 2-3 boxes of 180ml or 3-4 boxes of 110ml a day, Care 100 Active will quickly compensate for the energy consumed so that the child is always healthy and active, so mother no longer has to worry about the child being tired or getting sick.

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