Highland shop at the Central of Vietnam selling goods “online” to Japan and Korea

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Overseas customers can still buy products at Ms. Ly’s store by selecting products from social media and paying by bank transfer.

In the middle of the highland of Yen Thanh district, Nghe An province, a standout mini supermarket on the provincial road could not help but surprise and attract passersby. The displayed Vietnamese milk stall occupies half of the large space on the ground floor. This is the shop-house combination of Mr. Bien – and Mrs. Ly and is also one of Nutricare’s ambassador stores in Yen Thanh district, Nghe An province.

Sales “secret” to attract customers

Before building this property, Ms. Ly was an employee of a pharmaceutical company in Yen Thanh district, her husband – Mr. Bien was a bachelor of the Telecommunications University in Nha Trang.

For many reasons, Mr. Bien gave up his government job to pursue a business career. In 2005, Mr. Bien and Ms. Ly got married. When the children were born, the need for living expenses continued to increase, her state salary and the money he earned were not enough. Financial pressure is heavy on the small family. Since then, they had a new direction of thinking and decided to move together to a small house outside the province, starting with a small grocery store serving people in the area.


With her medical and pharmaceutical experience, Ms. Ly enthusiastically advises customers on how to choose the right nutritional supplement for each family member.

Their shop sells medicine and essential items for life at the same time. With her pharmaceutical knowledge, Ms. Ly often gives nutrition advice to customers when they come to buy supplements for their family members. She realizes that the demand for nutritional supplements is very large, and at that time, the local area of her hometown is developing rapidly, so she decided to import nutritional supplements from Vietnamese dairy companies to sell, in which Nutricare is her special choice.

Her decision was right, during 10 years of business and development, with her dedication and enthusiasm, customers in the region are more interested in Vietnamese milk and Nutricare’s nutritional products.

Ms. Ly has a special “secret” to sell goods that not all dairy shop owners can do, which is to sell directly through social media such as Facebook. Every day, after work, she spends time finding out information about nutrition for children and adults, posting it on her personal Facebook, sharing knowledge about caring for the family. Many nights, even though she had gone to sleep, but suddenly thought of new information, she turned on her computer to search, read and write articles to share with everyone who was interested.

Her target audience is families whose husband and wife are working abroad in Korea and Japan… had to leave their children at home for grandparents and relatives to take care of.

According to Ms. Ly, people who have to work far away from their children are very worried and concerned about nutrition. In the past, they used to buy milk in other countries and send it back to Vietnam for their babies to use. However, there are many reasons why sending milk from abroad to Vietnam is no longer the best option. Conditions of long transportation time, lack of preservation, and most importantly, not all foreign milk is suitable for the condition of Vietnamese children. Many customers shared with her that their children were intolerant and not adapted to foreign milk, having many problems with digestion and absorption.

At this time, with her medical and pharmaceutical experience, she enthusiastically advises customers on how to choose nutritional supplements suitable for their children.


Ms. Ly actively learns very carefully the ingredients and usage of the product to give the best advice to customers

“There are customers far away from home, they see my personal page, trust what I share, so they texted and placed an order. They are prepaid by bank transfer than their family members just have to go to the store to get milk” said Ms. Ly.

Customer satisfaction

Not only the product line for children, Nutricare’s nutritional products for adults and patients are also very popular with local people and Ms. Ly’s online customers. When the economy is getting better and better, people of Yen Thanh who have to work far from home are very concerned with their family members; they order many nutritional supplements for their parents such as Nutricare Gold milk for the elderly, Nunest products, etc. This is a special thing for Ms. Ly personally, also a typical feature of the countryside in this Yen Thanh district.

During 10 years of selling nutritional products, what Ms. Ly feels most happy about is that her business orientation is consistent with the business philosophy of Nutricare company: Care from understanding. From the knowledge gained in the nutrition information sharing sessions of Nutricare and learning by herself, Ms. Ly has recognized and understood the customer’s problems and given appropriate advice that meets customer needs. That is also the reason why your customers are always satisfied.


Ms. Ly’s upcoming plan is to spend most of the first-floor space to expand Nutricare’s milk stall with nutritional products for adults, instead of merely focusing on milk products for children.

“Nutricare is like a big ship, and I am just a small sailor on that ship. I will co-pilot the ship to bring Nutricare products, helping children to overcome stunting and malnutrition at an early age. When I see the children’s health and growth, I consider it my joy”, Ms. Ly shared.

Up to now, while preparing to invest more money to expand the business with her own mini supermarket on the second floor, Mr. Bien and Mrs. Ly aim to serve the people in the region with a full range of essential items, from toothpicks to clothes, from nutritional products to life support equipment. She also said that she will spend most of the first-floor space to expand Nutricare’s milk counter, not only focusing on dairy products for children but also importing more products for adults, Nutricare’s treatment support products to provide comprehensive nutritional solutions according to the life cycle of the customers.

Bien Ly mini supermarket – Nutricare ambassador store in Yen Thanh, Nghe An.Address: Đồng Hoa, Đồng Thành, Yên Thành, Nghệ An

Hotline: 0974.469.087

Nutricare is a leading research and manufacturing company of nutritional and medical nutrition products in Vietnam. Established in 2010 by nutrition scientists with the mission of providing comprehensive nutritional solutions for Vietnamese people of all ages: From pregnant mothers to babies, growing up, adults and elderly. In particular, Nutricare takes the lead in researching and launching medical nutrition products that have achieved many achievements, especially nutrition therapy for cancer, liver, kidney, and diabetes patients, etc.

Website: https://nutricare.com.vn/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nutricare.thuonghieuquocgia


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