Glucare Gold: A solution to stabilize blood sugar recommended by experts

Rate this post – What to eat and what not to, is a regular question for all people with diabetesas well as their relatives. Let’s listen to experts to get correct and scientific advices on diet for diabetics and the advantage of using Glucare Gold to stabilize blood sugar in every meal of diabetics.

To understand correctly about diabetes diet

According to experts, diabetes treatment should be based on the rule “tripod” including: nutrition, exercise and medicine. Thus, we can see the importance of nutrition for people with diabetes, not only contributing to treatment but also in intercepting, controlling the disease and preventing complications.

The National Institute of Nutrition evaluates that diet as the most important issue in diabetes treatment which aims to provide adequate nutrients , balance in both quantity and quality in order to regulate blood sugar, maintain the desired weight, ensure that patients are healthy enough to live and work normally.

Ms. Hoang Ngoc Lan (Master of Health Education and Behavior Change at South Carolina University, USA; Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics at Flinders University, Australia) also pointed out: “The diet Treatment for people with diabetes means following a well-balanced and regulated diet. Nutrition treatment for people with diabetes helps improve health and longevity, prevent complications of diabetes.”


“Nutrition treatment for people with diabetes helps improve health and longevity, prevent complications of diabetes.” – Ms. Hoang Ngoc Lan shared about the role of nutrition therapy for people with diabetes

Each patient has a different diet to ensure unique nutritional needs. However, all are still based on the basic principles that the National Institute of Nutrition recommends: Limiting carbohydrates to avoid hyperglycemia after eating and moderately limiting fats especially saturated fatty acids to avoid metabolic disorders. The diet of the patient must be formulated to provide the patient’s body with a relatively stable amount of sugar and most importantly, the regulated timing and suitable quantity of food in meals and snacks.

Ms. Hoang Ngoc Lan also summarizes diabetes dietas follows: Plan meals as indicated by your doctor and nutritionist; have several meals in a day including 3 main meals and 1-3 snacks; Eat regularly and on time, do not skip meals even when you do not want to eat; stabilize the amount of carbohydrates, do not over-diet leading to nutritional deficiencies, eat a variety of foods to fully provide essential vitamins and minerals for the body; Prioritize eating foods with low glycemic index that raise blood sugar slowly and low after eating such as sweet potatoes, whole grains, apples, oranges, guava, plums, cherries, strawberries, etc.

In addition, Ms. Hoang Ngoc Lan also pointed out that patients need to add nutritional products with a low glycemic index such as Glucare Gold milk to their daily diet to ensure nutrition and balance blood sugar indexes. 

Glucare Gold: Nutritional solution to help stabilize blood sugar for diabetics

As a product of Nutricare – A National Brand of Medical Nutrition, Glucare Gold milk helps stabilize blood sugar, restore health, prevent complications of diabetes, recommended by experts.

Glucare Gold Milk has a low glycemic index (GI = 48) thanks to the use of an advanced, slow-absorbing starch system: Palatinose, Isomalt, and Maltitol are scientifically proven to help control blood sugar after use, avoid hypoglycemia when distant from meals.

The product has been clinically proven at the University of Sydney – Australia on its effectiveness for use in diabetics. With 2 glasses of Glucare Gold milk per day to help users ensure adequate nutrition and stable blood sugar.


Glucare Gold is clinically proven to be effective for diabetics

The Supplement in the formula of Glucare Gold contains up to 28 essential vitamins and minerals for the body to help reduce fatigue, enhance resistance, and restore health. In addition, Glucare Gold also contains MUFA, PUFA that is good for the heart and easy to digest thanks to rich in soluble fiber, does not contain lactose.

Not only is a medical nutritional product specifically for diabetes, but Glucare Gold is also an suitable source of nutrition for people at risk of diabetes, also known as prediabetes and gestational diabetes.

 width=Glucare Gold contains many essential nutrients that is good for the health of diabetics

In 2018, Glucare Gold is honored to be one of the products with the National Brand for medical nutrition. Nutricare’s national brand of Nutrition and Medicine affirms the prestige and quality of the product.

Glucare Gold is clinically proven at the University of Sydney as a product with a low glycemic index, helping patients to control and stabilize blood sugar, while adequately replenishing the nutritional deficiency due to daily diet daily and enhances health.



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