Drinking milk won the golden ball with national player Doan Van Hau

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24h.com.vnFrom March 15 to May 15, 2021, help your baby to collect lucky cards that are included in each pack of Care 100 Gold + (110ml and 180ml) liquid milk to seize the opportunity to receive thousands of attractive prizes from idol Doan Van Hau, with a total value of up to billions Vietnam dong.


Are mothers and babies ready to receive “gift rain” from idols?

“Instant collect – perfect rewards” with national player Doan Van Hau

To open the campaign “With Van Hau – Beat the stunting”, the brand Care 100 of Nutricare – a unit that was honored twice in a row as National Brand, has kicked off with a super attractive promotion program ““Instant collect – perfect rewards””.

The attraction of this program firstly comes from the young player who accompanies the campaign to fight the stunt of Vietnamese children: Doan Van Hau. Not only possessing a “super huge” record that every player ever dreams of, Van Hau is also the idol of many young people as well as parents thanks to his physique, fitness and talent.


Doan Van Hau accompanies the Care 100 brand on the journey of comprehensive development, stunting flight in children

It’s impractical not to mention the huge prize system with: 6 golden balls (each with 9999 gold), thousands of snapback hats and signed balls by the player Doan Van Hau, making the program more attractive than ever. Just buy 1 pack of Care 100 Gold + 110ml or 180ml milk, you will get yourself a lucky card. When you own this card, you will have the opportunity to win a snapback hat and a ball signed by national player Doan Van Hau.


Each package of Care 100 Gold + 110ml and 180ml milk contains a power card that gives the opportunity to receive amazing gifts from idol Doan Van Hau

At the same time, this card is also very likely to become a card that knows how to “lay” golden balls, with each ball worth up to 1 tael of 9999 gold. You just need to text the lucky code to the switchboard 8069 and wait for your luck on three dial days are April 15, May 15, and June 15, 2021.

For more detail information, please visit: https://danhbaythapcoi.com.

Care 100 Gold + is clinically proven: Gain weight and height after 2 months

According to the clinical research results of the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine: after only 2 months, Care 100 Gold + has helped the baby’s nutritional status improve significantly. Specifically, Care 100 Gold + helps children gain up to 1.5 kg, better weight gain efficiency 36.4% and increase 2.6 cm, height increase efficiency 23.8% better.

In addition, Care 100 Gold + also supports brain and vision development, stimulates the ability to remember and focus; strengthen immunity, protect the child’s body to always be healthy.


Thanks to the outstanding formula suitable for the state of Vietnamese children, Care 100 Gold + has been clinically proven: Gain weight and height after 2 months

To do these things, Nutricare – a National Brand has applied the world and Vietnamese nutritional science achievements to create nutritional products suitable to Vietnamese biological characteristics. Care 100 Gold + is specifically studied for children with poor appetite, underweight and malnourished children with an outstanding formula that helps: Restore nutrition, gain weight; Support the development of skeletal system and height; Aids in digestion, stimulates appetite and boosts immunity.

Thanks to the outstanding advantages in the formula, supporting malnourished children to increase their height better, and to meet their development needs, Care 100 Gold + has become an effective assistant of Vietnamese mothers in the fighting against stunt in children.

Cre: https://www.24h.com.vn/thi-truong-24h/uong-sua-trung-bong-vang-cung-tuyen-thu-quoc-gia-doan-van-hau-c341a1234266.html

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