Drink Care 100 Active – “Leading with Van Hau: Hunting goals – Chasing dreams”

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soha.vn – This summer, Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk brings surprising joy to the children with many attractive gifts in a very hot promotion: “Leading with Van Hau: Hunting goals – Chasing dreams”. It’s a huge chance of winning, the more cards you accumulate, the bigger the gift will be.

Leading with Van Hau: Hunting goals – Chasing dreams

The promotion program “Leading with Van Hau: Hunting goals – Chasing dreams” of Care 100 Active products officially kicked off from 14st September to 31st December, 2021.

By buying only 1 pack-of-4 of Care 100 Active barley cocoa milk 110ml or 180ml, your baby will firmly grasp the opportunity to own a lot of extremely attractive gifts. Very simple, each pack of Care 100 Active contains 01 card belonging to one of three groups of cards: Goal, Lucky, Jersey.

The “Goal” group of cards has 03 types: 01 Goals card, 02 Goals cards and 03 Goals cards. Accumulating enough number of goal cards will be awarded “Buy and win” including:

First prize: Receive 01 set of dream-chaser notebook and pens when you accumulate 12 goals.

Second prize: Get 01 trendy snapback hat when you accumulate 15 goals.

Third prize: Receive 01 golden ball signed by player Doan Van Hau when accumulating 55 goals.


Collect goal cards to receive attractive gifts immediately

The “Lucky” group has 3 types of cards: Speed, Energy and Player. When owning this card, you will have to opportunity to win the “Special Prize” with gifts corresponding to each card type:

The owner of the Speed card will immediately receive a gift of 01 stylish sneakers.

Owning the Energy card, the children will immediately receive 01 sports Smartwatch.

Especially, when holding a Player card, the lucky owner will immediately receive a gift of 01 ball signed by the idol player Van Hau.


03 Speed, Energy and Player cards give you a chance to receive super cool gifts

The Jersey group of cards consists of 11 cards representing the jersey numbers of the team players, including: number 1, number 3, number 4, number 5, number 8, number 9, number 10, number 14, number 19, number 21 and No. 22. Collecting all 11 of these cards, the prize “Dream-chaser” with the reward of 01 sports bike will be given to the lucky child.


Get 01 sports bike once you collect all 11 jerseys

A representative of Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk brand shared: “We hope this program will bring joy during the epidemic season to children across the country. In addition, each pack of Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk will be an outstanding source of energy to help children stay healthy from the inside, ensuring energy and resistance in the epidemic season. Through this product, Care 100 brand also wants to join with Van Hau brand ambassador to give willpower, encourage children to persevere in pursuing their dreams, not to give up despite any obstacles to become a successful generation of leaders in the future.”

Buy and collect cards in each batch of Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk today to receive amazing gifts for your children. Don’t forget, the more cards you accumulate, the more rewards you get and the bigger the prize.

For program details, please visit: https://www.sanbanthangduoigiacmo.vn

Care 100 Active: “Outstanding energy – Reaching heights” with exclusive ambassador Van Hau

Care 100 Active cocoa-malt nutrition milk suitable for children from 3 years old is a new breakthrough product of Care 100 brand of Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company.

Care 100 Active owns an exclusive “5 Active” benefits to help children: Develop musculoskeletal system and support growth in height; Strengthen resistance;  Stimulate appetite for energy metabolism,; Compensate for energy consumed in movement and learning; Elevate spirit, Reduce stress and fatigue.

Care 100 Active is also a pioneering cocoa-malt milk product that contains 29 types of nutrients to help maximize energy and nutrient absorption in children. Calcium, vitamin D3 help develop skeletal muscle, height; Vitamins A, C, E, selenium, zinc enhance resistance; Zinc, lysine help metabolize energy and stimulate appetite; Magnesium, vitamin B6 lift the spirit, reduce stress and fatigue.


Care 100 Active cocoa-malt milk provides outstanding energy for children to conquer challenges

Not only trusted by parents for being rich in nutrients, Care 100 Active is also loved by children because of its delicious cocoa-malt flavor. Every day, use 2-3 boxes of 180ml or 3-4 boxes of 110ml Care 100 Active to quickly compensate for the energy consumed in exercise, study and always be full of energy and health during this epidemic season! Don’t forget, player Van Hau – Exclusive Ambassador of Care 100 will always accompany and spread strong energy to children all over Vietnam.

For detail information, please visit:

Website: http://danhbaythapcoi.com/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Care100Active/

Hotline: 1800.6011 (toll free)

Cre:  https://soha.vn/news-20210820094117265.htm

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